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    10 Things Anyone With IBS Will Relate To Maybe A Little Too Much

    Meet me in the bathroom...

    1. You're an expert at keeping a straight face whilst your intestines feel like they're on fire.

    2. You're a regular at the drugstore's "Stomach Issues" aisle.

    3. Drinking coffee feels like playing Russian Roulette with your digestive system.

    4. The toilet paper shortage was the most nerve-wracking part of 2020 for you.

    5. You always know where the nearest public bathroom is.

    6. You've cancelled plans that involve food to avoid imminent disaster.

    7. You're sick of people suggesting BS miracle cures to you.

    8. ...but you're not afraid to admit that you've tried some interesting stuff to lessen your symptoms, too.

    9. You've had your fair share of embarrassing IBS moments in public.

    10. And finally, you envy people with a functioning digestive system.