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Feeling Insecure And Talking About It

Even the most confident person you know is insecure.

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Feeling Insecure And Talking About It

Years ago, in my freshman year of high school, some had a Facebook post that read, "TBH". Now a TBH means, " to be honest", if someone likes your status you have to message something honest about them. I usually like these status's but not many people message me. I end up just liking them just to see if anything happens. The one time someone actually "TBH" me, they said. "I love your confidence. You're the most confident person I know. I wish I was confident like you." Now that caught me by surprise since i consider myself the most insecure person in the world. But to have someone say that really got me thinking.

In middle school, i took the bus home and there was always the "cooler" bigger kids who sat in the back. I always wanted to be them or hang out with them because they were so cool. They definitely were confident. Growing up there were always the cooler girls who were so outgoing and confident. i always wanted to be them. The 8th grade came and i realized that they weren't people that i wanted to be. I came to my senses that I was never going to be them. I became my own person and did things I liked. i ended up having an eating disorder and had many breakdowns. I was so insecure with myself that i didn't want people to know. I worked hard on my image and focused so much on how people saw me. I just didn't think anyone really noticed me.

When that girl on Facebook told me that, i realized that even the most confident person you know. they have insecurities, they just try hard to hide them.

Being insecure isn't a bad thing, and its not easy. Especially when the media,friends,family and just people on the street judge you. I think the worse thing to do about being insecure is just embarrassing your flaws and showing the world you don't care. Know that people don't really care about what you look like, you're your own bully, and when you have a bully, you fight back and tell them "no". its hard and will take time but why spend your life worrying about yourself when you could be having fun in the beach loving life and most importantly, loving yourself. You may be your biggest bully, but you should be your biggest fan and hype yourself up. Being prideful and confident is definitively not a bad thing.

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