It’s #WorldCatDay! Here Are 13 Pictures Of Cats Celebrating

Celebrating with wine. Because it’s also Friday.

1. A glass of cold white?

2. Or half a bottle of red?

3. Or a cheeky rosé?

This cat is tired. Just let it drink it’s wine in peace.

4. Some cats prefer it with bubbles.

5. And some just don’t care right now.

They just want their wine!

6. Some just pretend they ARE wine.

That is a new level of love.

7. Some need you to top up their glasses, quick!

Stop being lazy, human.

8. Some maybe have had too much.

Don’t let this kitty drink any more.

9. Others definitely had enough but don’t even think about standing between them and their glass.

10. Some are already getting thoughtful.

It’s the wine!

11. Very very thoughtful.

12. And some really just want to drink the delicious wine, thanks.

13. Let’s celebrate #WorldCatDay!

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