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20 Times Lana Del Rey's Make Up Game Was Exceptionally Strong

And we tried to copy it and we failed and wept and loved Lana forever.

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1. In the "Born To Die" video

2. The Fader cover reversed smokey eye

3. That time she shot a video

4. The time she was a pastel nymph

5. That time she had a headache and still had better cat-eye than 90% of the population

6. That time she chose to wear bees as accessories

Why not.

7. That time she channeled '80s Madonna

8. The GQ Woman Of The Year photoshoot

9. That time she looked like she definitely wasn't into swimming

10. That time she was even more '60s than usual

11. That messy hair time

12. That 'no one looks like that a beach' look

13. That time she seriously rocked the double liner

14. That time she channeled Cher

15. That time she was very serious while wearing nude lip

16. That time she was on the cover of Madame Figaro

17. When she chose to wear insects as accessories AGAIN

18. That time she was a goth

19. That time her hair was glossy and her make up was perfect

A.k.a. "ALWAYS"

A.k.a. "ALWAYS"

God bless Lana Del Rey and her make up.

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