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Beauty Industry 2.0 - YouTube

YouTube generates over 700 million views monthly, more then half of the beauty channels are dominated by beauty vloggers. It's about time we realize what we are really watching

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“Am I on fleek yet?” “That eyeliner is slayin” Let’s be honest, beauty vlogging is so hyped up these days it has its own set of vernacular. To the outsiders these might sound like gibberish, but to the beauty industry, they see gold mines. When it comes to cosmetics and skin care, it’s all about performance. So, how do beauty brands attract potential consumers and standout from one another? This is where YouTube comes in.

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Over the years major beauty brands have realized, as we enter the digital era, online marketing is a vital channel that leverages their impact on consumer decisions. YouTube – one of the biggest user-generated-content media – is the major marketing platform they needed. They golden rule is that a beauty vlogger’s recommendation can have stronger influence on viewer’s purchasing decisions then a brand’s self-promotion. Vloggers film themselves in their own home, starting most of their videos with a fresh no-makeup face, and then gradually layering on products and explaining its purpose. This process allows viewers to acknowledge that the products the vlogger is using is safe enough that they themselves would use it on their skin. Secondly, a quick demonstration and insight into a product helps with potential consumer’s visualization of the item they are interested in. Viewers trust beauty vloggers’ recommendations because they see them as everyday people just like the rest of us; a trusted vlogger’s recommendation is just as effective as a good friend’s recommendation. But, of course, brands with large promotional budget also understand this simple concept, and that’s why sponsorship is not foreign to beauty vloggers on YouTube. After all, the best PR is the least noticeable.

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Ever heard of the phrase “YouTube made me buy it”? Apparently, the emotional anticipation of unboxing or haul videos triggers is similar to that of a child opening presents on Christmas day. The hyped up expectation of what’s inside, along with the excitement of finally seeing the product as well as the positive reviews, all adds on to the trend of impulse purchase. This is especially prominent in the digital era we live in right now, when everything and almost anything can be purchased by point and click.

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Like most of you who are reading this, I was not aware of the concept of influencer marketing when watching beauty tutorials on YouTube. According to L2 Inc. 65% of the initial page search result for brand name search on YouTube in 2016 are populated by YouTube vloggers. The rise of these young, enthusiastic and ambitious YouTube personalities serves as a bridge for brands to associate themselves with what these YouTube stars are already representing. For instance, Maybelline marketing campaign for their new Colossal Big Shot Mascara features well known beauty YouTuber Manny – leader of men-in-makeup, as well as his outspoken daring personality, and Shayla who is known for her beautiful skin, and healthy natural curls. / Via

In the end, let's not forget that YouTubers are not spending 12 hours a day to create content because they "miss us". XOXO

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