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Which Miller Sister Are You?

Are you a Meena, Chloe, or Sasha?

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  1. A boy is texting do you...

    be as casual as possible using colloquial expressions like "sup" and "dude"
    be very cutesy and flirtatious
    reply casually with an occasional compliment
  2. Someone is trying to talk to you about your negative qualities do you...

    say nothing but allow tears to gloss your eyeballs
    disagree and storm off in a rage
    attack their bad qualities instead
  3. when put in charge of the aux you...

    put on anything obscure, deep, or unheard of
    play what's popular and lit at the moment
    find a song you like and proceed to overplay it 40 times
  4. Your favorite thing to consume is...

    cereal, cereal, and more cereal (especially captain crunch)
    potatoes any type of way
  5. You're going out with your family you are probably wearing...

    some jeans and a top... looking decent
    wearing an outfit you've been in for three days straight
    whatever is clean in your closet
  6. You are always complaining about...

    everything in your life
    pains in your body/illness
    nothing much but most likely your love life
  7. Someone wants to take a picture with you do you...

    pose happily next to them
    refuse to take the photo because you think you look bad
    reluctantly agree but usually hate the end result
  8. Your parents want to hang out with you and your response is...

    Of course, you love your mama and dada and want to give them a big hug
    say okay as long as you're able to dictate the activities throughout the day
    as long as there is potential free food you are down
  9. your food of choice would be...

    Taco Bell
  10. You are most likely on the phone with...

    no one because you never answer it
    ur significant other
    ur best gf

Which Miller Sister Are You?

You got: CHLOE

You are sad about life but still are able to have a good time when you want to. You need to be constantly verbalizing and live your life in a way that only makes sense to you.

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You got: meena

You are go with the flow and a big pushover. You are simply a big dollop.

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You got: Sasha

You are feisty yet a cry baby. You love to dish it out but you really can't take it.

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