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    • SashaAiresse

      It would make a bit more sense/true, if you trade “without us” to “without narcissists, psychotics, megalomaniacs, and indifferent human beings”. There are many of us, whose compassion and empathy includes, all species, and understand that because we have voices, and advantages over other species, we also have a great *responsibility* to care for and *protect* the welfare of our earth and all the beings that call it home. ♥

    • SashaAiresse

      The beauty of wild animals.
      They were *born free*, and deserve to
      *Live Free*.
      Why animal lovers believe people who hunt (and kill wild animals at rest), are *Cowards*.

    • SashaAiresse

      These 2 people are true conservationists. George and Joy Adamson (with their beloved Elsa) *Born Free* ~

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