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Live At Hogwarts For A Day And We'll Reveal Which "Harry Potter" Character Would Be Your Best Friend

Is it one of the Weasleys?

Time to get your luggage and leave for Kings Cross! What condition is your trunk in?
What time do you arrive at Platform 9 3/4?
  • Harry pushes his cart toward the platform
    I barely made it
    Warner Bros.
  • The Hogwarts Express sits in the station
    I was there an hour early
    Warner Bros.
  • The Weasley's car hovers above the Hogwarts Express
    I miss the train
    Warner Bros.
  • Harry smiles at Hagrid in front of the train
    I was perfectly on time
    Warner Bros.
Anything from the trolley??
It's time for a feast! Pick something to eat:
And what are you grabbing for dessert?
Now head to the common room! Wait, what house are you in?
  • Draco and his friends glare
    Warner Bros.
  • Cedric Diggory looks confused
    Warner Bros.
  • Cho Chang looks determined
    Warner Bros.
  • Harry, Ron, and Hermione celebrate
    Warner Bros.
It's a new day! What's your first class?
  • Charms class
    Warner Bros.
  • McGonagall teaches transfiguration
    Warner Bros.
  • Lupin teaches class
    Defence Against the Dark Arts
    Warner Bros.
  • Snape teaches potions class
    Warner Bros.
What homework did you get?
  • Ron looks upset at his paper
    Read three chapters of your textbook
    Warner Bros.
  • Hermione looks up from her writing
    Draw a diagram
    Warner Bros.
  • Harry, Ron, and Hermione look at their textbooks
    Write an essay
    Warner Bros.
  • Draco holds his wand close to his forehead
    Practise some spells
    Warner Bros.
Your classes are over for the day! Where are you headed?
  • To the library to start on homework
    Warner Bros.
  • For a walk around the grounds
    Warner Bros.
  • To go exploring within the castle
    Warner Bros.
  • To my common room
    Warner Bros.
What will you do at night?
  • Snape forces Harry and Ron to read their textbooks
    Do my homework
    Warner Bros.
  • Fred and George look mischievously
    Start planning an epic prank
    Warner Bros.
  • A group of Gryffindors looks on in amazement
    Hang out with friends
    Warner Bros.
  • Harry, Ron, and Hermione asleep in the common room
    Go to bed
    Warner Bros.
Lastly, which pet would you rather have?
  • Ron and Scabbers
    Warner Bros.
  • Fred and George smile
    Warner Bros.
  • Harry and Hedwig
    Warner Bros.
  • Hermione and Crookshanks
    Warner Bros.
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