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An insight into “Leave your Daily Hell” travel blog of Robert Schrader

I have written this article to give readers an insight into an immensely enthralling travel blog "Leave your Daily Hell" by Robert Schrader.

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Well I think I won’t be wrong if I will call the guy behind this immensely enthralling travel blog Robert Schrader a modern day Marco polo (Famous medieval Venetian merchant traveler) or Ibne Batuta (A Moroccan traveler being revered as one of the greatest travelers of pre-modern times).Robert has traversed different borders not just the physical ones but also the cultural ones as he has been embraced with open arms from Thailand to Colombia. He went for an unconventional path by leaving behind his life in Austin and moving out of his native Austin, Texas to a range of diverse places. But now Austin isn’t his only home he also has a home in the sprawling Thai mega polis Bangkok where he is living these days and which has become very close to his heart.

“Leave your Daily Hell” is a travel blog which is motivational and encouraging for many guys and gals out there who are not just aspiring travel bloggers but also wanna embark on a world tour to a mélange of diverse destinations from around the globe but they think they aren’t yet financially capable to do so. Robert isn’t a billionaire’s son or a business tycoon for whom it was super easy to travel around the world without any additional stress of managing travel expenditures but he is just like you and me an ordinary guy with almost same worries and concerns who wanna explore the world.

Robert's Journey to his desired life

Leave Your Daily Hell

Robert didn’t have a great childhood and adolescence as it comprised not only of shaky financial conditions of his family which aggravated especially after the divorce of his parents but he also had to cope with the fact that he wasn’t straight but a homosexual . He also lost his job in the same year 2009 when he came up with his travel blog and he felt demoralized and despondent but no one knew he would soon rise from the ashes like a phoenix and would traverse almost the entire world and would live his desired life. Robert’s visit to China and the time he spend there was kind of an eye opener for him as he became more acquainted with how the “real world” works and how “risk is commensurate with reward”. He came to know that challenges are a part of life and he will be ready to tackle them. Robert became fearless and charged with a calm confidence. Eight years earlier in 2009 when Robert came up with this travel blog he didn’t know whether he’ll be able to live the life he wanted, the life he has always dreamed of but eight years later now that dream has become a reality and that reality has been manifested in his own words. As he wrote on the Seventh anniversary of “Leave your Daily Hell” in 2016 “I travel when I want and when I don’t, I live in a beautiful, waterfront apartment in one of my favorite cities in the world. I have plenty of free time to devote to my friends, my family and causes that are important to me. I carry myself with a level of confidence and emotional stability I didn’t even know was possible the first quarter-century of my life. I earn 100% of my income—more, by several orders of magnitude, than from any job I ever worked—from my writing, photography and Travel Coaching service.”This journey wasn’t easy for him and he had his part of hardships too including being ridiculed by people for coming up with a travel blog encompassing so many diverse places and they thought it may not work out for him and may backfire but they were wrong and Robert proved to everyone that he knows perfectly well how to metamorphose his dreams into reality. Robert has shown us how we shouldn’t be despondent and we should instead believe in our dreams and try our best to pursue them and transform them into reality.

Leave Your Daily Hell

I recently also had the privilege of asking him some questions about his experience as a travel blogger.

My questions included which place enthralled him most? And his retort to my question was quite compelling for an aspiring travel geek like me to soon make a visit to the land of Manga and Sushi; yes you are right to guess its Japan. The place which enthralled Robert most from his travel list of countless destinations is Japan as according to Robert “I love the way past, present and future meet (in Japan).The idea that you can take a futuristic bullet train to an ancient temple”. I also asked him questions like what was it like when you went out to some foreign country for the first time? And was it intimidating to go out to a foreign land for the first time? He told me that the first foreign country he visited was UK in 2005 and it wasn’t very culturally intimidating for him coz it isn’t very different from USA.The first time he felt intimidated was in 2009 when he went to India for the first time as it was for the first time he had been to a developing country and he was really struck by the poverty, the overcrowding, the smells and the sounds. He also got sick during his first visit to India.

When I asked him about any advice he has for all the aspiring travel bloggers and travelers he told me that Patience is very important. Robert told me “Building a sustainable online brand takes years, and is really not even done past that point”. He also told me about how he manages his travel expenditures. He said “I manage my travel expenditures as part of my overall budget, which helps me put them into context and set money aside for them over time”. I hope those who will be reading my article would surely relish it and would also love to relish travel experiences of Robert Schrader on his travel blog “Leave your Daily Hell”. Here is the link of Robert’s travel blog “Leave your Daily Hell”

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