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Using Cedar Oil As A Bug Repellent

Finding effective bug repellent is probably one of the most important things occupying people's minds when summer is approaching. Avoiding bug bites is always a priority for people who are in infested areas of the country

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Covering the body is a good idea but getting a bug

Stop sign for ticks
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Stop sign for ticks

especially in the summer when putting extra clothing on is very inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Insects are not only annoying but can also carry diseases. Insect control does not mean that you have to use those expensive and very harsh chemicals. Cedar oil has been used for many years (centuries actually) in repelling different insects. It is said that in order for the cedar oil to be effective as a bug repellent, it has to be used regularly. The strong smell of the cedar oil is what repels the insects aways.

Cedar oil works in 6 different ways. It is toxic to many insects and works well in repelling most insects too. Using cedar oil as a bug repellent is not a complex process. With boiled water, cedar oil, and natural witch hazel, a homemade natural spray can easily be made to help keep away the bugs from your property.

Cedar oil can also be used in diffusers and vaporizers to help in driving away the flies in and around the house. By sprinkling cedar oil on the sheets and pillows, the insects are driven away during sleep. The odor of the cedar can also be achieved by burning the oil which would easily repel the bugs around the house.

Cedar oil, however, is very volatile which affects its ability to repel the bugs for a long period of time.


Cedar oil is normally considered safe to the environment which possesses very little or no risk to both humans and the environment. However, it can cause irritation to the skin of some people making it a very important consideration not to apply it in high concentrations. There are many different bug repellents in the market that contain cedar oil. Some of these products in the market might be mixed with other chemicals to improve their repelling capabilities. Some of these products might be labeled natural but are not. This can lead to side effects if precaution is not put when using them.


There are different forms in which cedar oil can be used as a bug repellent. They can be used as sprays or can come in form of drops.

In conclusion, cedar oil has been used as a bug repellent for many years. There are many different types of products on the market sold as bug repellents. Due to many varieties in the market, it is important to understand that some of them are not 100% natural and it is important to have precaution when using them as they might contain other chemicals. For a person thinking of preparing some homemade bug repellent at a low cost, cedar oil can be one of those solutions.

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