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Liven Up Your Online Chat With Free Emoticons

Nowadays, typing down what you are feeling on your messenger program is not enough; emoticons have taken the next step and with a single one you can demonstrate how you feel without typing a lot of words. In this regard, nothing comes close to free emoticons.

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There are several reasons why free emoticons are a cut above the rest

Wasting Time on Facebook and Chat. Cartoon Series The first are the huge number that one can choose from. Other programs just offer the happy, sad or sick variety, but free emoticons goes the extra distance: there are fighting, innocent, jumping, roll eye, winking, love, cool, party and more.

Another advantage of using free emoticons is that they are compatible with all the popular messenger programs, including Yahoo Messenger, MSN and AIM. They can also be used in most Internet forums and chat rooms too.

How to use free emoticons in a forum or chat room

To use the emoticons in a forum, all you have to do is to note down the url of the emoticon, and then paste it into the message that you are posting at the forum. Finally, put an [img] at the beginning and an [/img] end of the emoticon url. For example,

[img] http://www. freeemoticons. us / emoticons / animal0002.gif [/img]

(NOTE: This is what is called UBB code and for it to work all spaces in the above example need to be removed.)

To get the right free emoticon you want, you just select the button, and then you have three choices:

To directly link, use Copy Link Code; use Copy HTML Code if you plan to utilize it on networking sites like MySpace; and Copy B code for forum usage.

How to use free emoticons in MSN Messenger

For MSN, the procedure is very easy. You open the program (if it is not already) and head over to the Tools menu, and click emoticons. A small window will pop up revealing all the emoticons in your system.

There will also be a list of possible keywords you can use to insert them in the chat window.

The actual process is as follows: once in the proper widow, click "create", and the "add custom emoticon" dialog box will appear. Select "find image" and go to the folder where the free emoticon you want is stored.

Once you have found it, you can enter a keyboard shortcut or assign a name to it. Both are optional, though. Once that is finished, you can now use the emoticon with MSN.

How to use free emoticons with Yahoo! Messenger

After opening the program, go to the Messenger Preferences Window. You can access this from the Preferences or Conversation tab. On the side will be a small window where you can select the Messages option.

Next go to Miscellaneous, and place a check on the "enable emoticons" option. Click OK. To use it, you just click the icon and choose from the ones that appear.

Remember, free emoticons can also be downloaded in packs; The animal emoticons have 25 emoticons that come with it; the travel emoticons have 9; the celebrity emoticons holds ten and the Most Popular pack contains 15 of the most downloaded.

With thousands to choose from, and all of them free and totally secure from any viruses, spyware or adware programs, free emoticons will surely provide you with everything you need to express your feelings any way you want on the World Wide Web.

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