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I Suddenly Realized How Basic I Am After Seeing These 18 Things People Think Are Very Cheugy

All aboard the cheugy train!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share something they love despite it being labeled "cheugy." Here is what they shamelessly had to add.

1. Disney adults

Woman in Mickey Mouse ears taking a selfie in Disney theme park.

2. The crying laughing emoji

A text message using the laughing emoji.

3. Making rosé your whole personality

4. Skinny jeans

Lindsay Lohan wearing skinny jeans.

5. Lasagna

Monica lifting up her lasagna.

6. The Bachelor

Matt speaking with one of the show's contestants.

7. White Converse

A model wearing white Converse shoes.

8. Macklemore

Macklemore from the "Thrift Shop" music video.

9. Uggs

Ashley Tisdale wearing Ugg boots.

10. Statement necklaces

Serena wearing a chunky statement necklace.

11. Gucci belts

A model wearing a Gucci belt.

12. Hipster restaurants

An empty trendy restaurant with Edison bulbs.

13. Socks with sandals

A person wearing socks and sandals together.

14. Basically anything from the early 2000s

Hillary Duff on a flip phone.

15. Side parts

Paris Hilton with a side part in her hair.

16. Jean jackets

Jonathan wearing a jean jacket in the woods.

17. Statement mugs

"Early Bird" Rae Dunn statement mug.

18. And the phrase "girl boss"

A gold office name tag with the 'lady boss' phrase.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.