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The Everyday Differences I've Realized As A Gen Z'er From Living With My Millennial Significant Other

Imagine not having TikTok downloaded...couldn't be me.

Just as the great millennial vs. Gen Z debate of 2021 was starting to take off, I, a true 2000s-born Gen Z'er, started seeing a millennial who's 10 years older.

Myself taking a selfie with my partner.
Sara Thompson/BuzzFeed

It was my first age gap relationship, so I didn't really know what to expect. But after living in the same space together, I realized how much of a cultural and social difference there was in that 10-year age gap.

Text messages saying, "OMG, fax machines had phones on them?? How did I never know that? They need to bring them back."
Sara Thompson/BuzzFeed

While every relationship has differences between the partners, we probably have double the amount of a relationship with a smaller age gap. These are the differences that are especially prevalent in our day-to-day lives:

1. The apps we spend the most time on:

On the left: guy texting on his phone. On the right: TikTok screenshot of a face on a kidney graphic
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

I spend roughly four hours on TikTok daily, while he has yet to even download the app. 

2. Our alarm clocks:

On the left: a physical alarm clock. On the right: a screenshot of phone alarms.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

In his defense, he now uses his smart watch as an alarm, and the alarm clock is only a "backup." But I honestly can't remember using an actual alarm clock after 2014. 

3. Our most used emojis:

On the left: text messages showing the crying laughing emoji. On the right: the woozy face emoji circled.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

The crying laughing emoji has a strong hold over most millennials, unfortunately. 

4. How we make coffee:

On the left: French press coffee machine. On the right: pumpkin cold brew coffee.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

After years of grad school, he's definitely more the coffee connoisseur between us, but I value the convenience of pre-made coffee any day. 

5. The milk we drink:

On the left: a gallon of 2% milk. On the left: Silk soy milk
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

This is probably one of the bigger differences between us. He refuses to use anything but dairy milk, while I bounce between almond and soy milk for the sake of my stomach.

6. How we say "LOL":

A text message saying, "jkadfjdfs" "wait, is that supposed to be you saying lol?" "yes lol" "oh (laughing crying emoji)"
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

Millennials have branded themselves with the crying laughing emoji and, well, we'll let you guys have that.

7. Our caffeine boosts of choice:

On the left: Death Wish Coffee Co. brand ground coffee. On the right: an energy drink.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

Honestly, this is solely because he drinks his coffee black and I can't stand anything without a lot of sweetener. 

8. Our deodorants:

On the left: Speed Stick deodorant. On the right: Essential oil infused deodorant.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

He doesn't really think twice about his body care routine (including, yes, the infamous 3-in-1 body wash), while I prefer my deodorant to smell good and have essential oils.

9. Our own styles:

On the left: a guy wearing a purple polo. On the right: a woman wearing a "Pulp Fiction" tee with a black turtle neck underneath.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

Gives very much Wolf of Wall Street with Fight Club duo vibes.

10. Our overall idea of boots:

On the left: white Doc Marten boot. On the right: a brown, green, and yellow cowboy boot.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

Both are outfit staples, tbh.

11. How we take selfies:

On the left: a guy taking a selfie from a high angle. On the right: a woman taking a selfie from a front-facing angle.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

The high-angle selfie that millennials love is really just one step away from the suburban mom Facebook profile photo. 

12. How we even drink water:

On the left: a Brita filtered water pitcher. On the right: a hand holding a bottle of water.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

Since dating, I can definitely say that I am shifting to a more eco-friendly option of using the Brita too. And yes, we do wash it!

13. The fact that he still orders magazines:

A hand holding a magazine.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

I think the last magazine I bought was Popstar! Magazine's "Stars of 2007" copy.

14. Our bags of choice:

On the left: a huge, stuffed red backpack. On the right: a canvas tote bag.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

I feel like backpacks are literal back torture. No wonder everyone has lower back pain today.

15. How we watch TV:

On the left: the TV guide from cable on a TV screen. On the right: a screenshot of streaming apps.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

He MUST have his news and weather channels to function, while I just learned how to turn on the cable box the other day.

16. And lastly, how we listen to music:

On the left: an iPod connected by aux into a car. On the right: a screenshot of a music streaming app.
Sara Thompson / Via BuzzFeed

Fun fact: This iPod is the same age as I am.

There are so many other differences between us, but these truly stand out the most to me. If you're in a relationship with a ~wide~ age gap, what are some different quirks you've noticed? Share down in the comments below!