This Is What AI Thinks The Average College Student From Each Of These 50 Majors Looks Like

    I feel like I had a class with the business students.

    Lately, AI has generated what it thinks you look like based on which state you live in and what job you have, but I had to wonder if it could give an "average student" based on college majors.

    Luckily, for my curiosity, it did, and here's what it generated for each:

    The following images were created using generative AI image models for the sake of entertainment and curiosity. The images also reveal the biases and stereotypes that currently exist within AI models and are not meant to be seen as accurate or full depictions of the human experience.

    1. Accounting:

    Accounting students

    2. Agriculture:

    Agriculture students

    3. Architecture:

    Architecture students

    4. Art history:

    Art history students

    5. Biology:

    Biology students

    6. Broadcast journalism:

    Journalism students

    7. Business:

    Business students

    8. Chemical engineering:

    Engineering students

    9. Chemistry:

    Chemistry students

    10. Civil engineering:

    Civil engineering students

    11. Communications:

    Communications students

    12. Computer science:

    Computer science students

    13. Creative writing:

    Creative writing students

    14. Criminology:

    Criminology students

    15. Economics:

    Economics students

    16. Education:

    Education students

    17. English:

    English students

    18. Environmental science:

    Environmental science students

    19. Fashion:

    Fashion students

    20. Film:

    Film students

    21. Finance:

    Finance students

    22. Fine arts:

    Fine arts students

    23. Foreign language:

    Foreign language students

    24. Forensic science:

    Forensic science students

    25. Gender studies:

    Gender studies students

    26. Geography:

    Geography students

    27. General studies:

    General studies students

    28. Graphic design:

    Graphic design students

    29. History:

    History students

    30. Hospitality management:

    Hospitality management students

    31. Journalism:

    Journalism students

    32. Industrial engineering:

    Industrial engineering students

    33. Kinesiology:

    Kinesiology students

    34. Law:

    Law students

    35. Marine biology:

    Marine biology students

    36. Marketing:

    Marketing students

    37. Mathematics:

    Mathematics students

    38. Mechanical engineering:

    Mechanical engineering students

    39. Music:

    Music students

    40. Nursing:

    Nursing students

    41. Philosophy:

    Philosophy students

    42. Physical education:

    Physical education students

    43. Physics:

    Physics students

    44. Political science:

    Political science students

    45. Pre-med:

    Pre-med students

    46. Psychology:

    Psychology students

    47. Social work:

    Social work students

    48. Sociology:

    Sociology students

    49. Sports medicine:

    Sports medicine students

    50. Theater:

    Theater students

    Did it nail your major? Which major do you think it was most accurate with? Comment below!

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