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    13 Computer Games That'll Make Millennials Feel Really, Really, Really Old

    "You have died of dysentery."

    1. Neopets

    JumpStart Games

    Neopets was the go-to site during computer lab time. It was a virtual Tamagotchi, with way more hours to spend exploring different locations. Of course, there was many man-hours also put into customizing the pet and what it was wearing.

    2. Webkinz


    Webkinz was the best of both worlds. You'd buy a stuffed animal and use the virtual code to add its digital counterpart onto your account. It had something for everyone, Pizza Palace being the best though (of course). One con: Ms. Birdy.

    3. Toontown Online

    Disney Interactive Studios

    Chances are, you probably created an account based solely on the amount of commercials they had airing on Disney Channel and ABC constantly. Even after all this time, the rabbit Toons are still creepy looking, sorry not sorry.

    4. Club Penguin

    Disney Interactive Studios

    This is THE game. Everyone and their mama had a penguin with a puffle. It was the 'thing' to spend all your parents' money in the gift shop on the lookbook outfits of the month, then head to the night club next door!

    5. Stardoll

    Glorious Games Group AB

    This was the game that you only signed up for because all the popular girls would play it in the computer lab. You lived your bold fashion choices through your doll, since your parents wouldn't let you dye your own hair purple. Only the real ones will remember Starplaza.

    6. The Oregon Trail


    This one definitely brings up memories of when computers were thick and the monitor hummed when you started it up. And who could forget those chunky headphones that were never comfy. You always had optimism, but always died of dysentery.

    7. RollerCoaster Tycoon

    Hasbro Interactive

    Dare I say, this was the best purchase one could make from the Scholastic book sale catalogs. We all have made the fatal mistake and didn't finish the tracks, but it also seemed fair for cleaning up the puke.

    8. Zoo Tycoon

    Blue Fang Games

    Following the entertaining RollerCoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon was kind of a letdown. The dinosaurs were definitely a nice touch, though.

    9. Backyard Baseball

    Humongous Entertainment

    Playing Backyard Baseball was a rite of passage for very young adult today. Of course there were the Backyard Soccer, Basketball, and Football games, but this one will hold a special place in every heart. Pablo Sanchez, just know, I'll always pick you for my team!

    10. Freddi Fish

    Humongous Entertainment

    This game is in the back of the mind of every young adult, but no one for the life of them, can ever remember the name. Of course, the best game was The Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds. Who knew this whole time though, that Freddi was a girl fish?

    11. The Sims


    Everyone would race home from school, grab a pouch of Gushers and log onto the Sims. Back then, they looked a lot different (especially since there was only a couple of skin tones, hair styles, and faces). The Sims was a universal Internet Kid experience.

    12. Minesweeper

    Microsoft Corporation

    Was there even a method of playing this, or did we all just click around? Whenever there was no Internet, Minesweeper was the move!

    13. Kid Pix

    Broderbund Software

    How were we all artists, the minute we started this us. The stamps alone was enough entertainment for hours. RIP to all the printer ink wasted on the "masterpieces" created.

    Honorable Mention: Windows Paint

    Microsoft Corporation

    So we all really spent hours on Windows Paint, just drawing shapes and filling them in? Back then, the biggest problem was one of the shapes was opened at one end and didn't connect.