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    20 Nostalgic TV And Movie-Themed '00s Snacks I Can Barely Believe Actually Existed

    I don't get why we were so obsessed with Shrek.

    1. Shrek Twinkies

    Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jeepersmedia

    It's no surprise that these hung around on shelves for quite awhile.

    2. Shrek Rice Krispies Treats


    The marshmallows kind of look like slime.

    3. Shrek "Swamp Pops" Popsicles


    Nothing like cracking open a Swamp Pop after a hard day.

    4. Basically Anything Shrek-Themed

    jeepersmedia / Via Flickr Creative Commons

    Why did Shrek have such a hold on us?

    5. Star Wars Episode III Eggos


    This feels both fitting and wrong...

    6. Barbie Printed Poptarts


    Miss miss 'em.

    7. Scooby-Doo Ro-Gurt


    I'm not even mad, this was a marketing win.

    8. SpongeBob SquarePants Push-Ups


    It mostly tasted like freezer burn or melted goop, no in-between.

    9. Scooby-Doo Ice Cream Push-Ups


    This was a national treasure to us, and we took it for granted.

    10. Powerpuff Girls Colored Pudding Cups

    Snack Pack

    Something about purple vanilla pudding just doesn't seem like it.

    11. Hulk Oreo


    I wonder how the people who found the green creme are living now.

    12. Star Wars Episode III Pop-Tarts

    Flickr Creative Commons/jeepersmedia

    Again, this is so fitting — but still feels off.

    13. Nestle Disney Magic Ball

    Nestle/Disney, Nestle/Disney / Via

    Everyone remembers the Wonder Ball, but the real ones had the Magic Ball.

    14. SpongeBob SquarePants Cheese Nips

    Nabisco/Nickelodeon / Via

    These just tasted better, don't know how to explain it.

    15. The Many Nick Show-Shaped Kraft Mac and Cheese Boxes


    We miss you, Blue!

    16. Cartoon Network Bellywashers


    The juice was subpar, but obviously not the reason why we begged our parents for them.

    17. Spider-Man Pringles

    Flickr Creative Commonns / Via Flickr: jeepersmedia

    In case you wanted some movie trivia printed on your snack.

    18. Disney Kellogg's Cereals


    We were obsessed with color-changing milk for some reason.

    19. Madagascar-Themed Kid Cuisine

    Kid Cusine

    They really sold us people-shaped nuggets and we went with it.

    20. And Transformers Hostess Cakes


    Food dye, an essential food group in the 2000s.