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11 Things That Make Southern Rail Passengers Furious Every Day

More like #SouthernFail, amirite?

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As Southern Rail is hit by further delays thanks to the introduction of an emergency timetable aimed at, er, preventing delays, here are just some of the things that the operator's passengers have to contend with.

1. When trains are cancelled.

The daily joy of commuting thanks to Southern rail @SouthernRailUK #southernfail

Is the strike today? @SouthernRailUK #southernFail

When your train operators are @SouthernRailUK & @TLRailUK #southernfail

2. Or late.

Always late for work, never at home, couldn't vote in Referendum, can't watch Wales play in biggest game for 58 years. Thanks #southernrail

Hahahaha love this!!!! So true 😂 always late for work no matter how early I leave! #southernrail

"please mind the gap between train timetables and reality" lol #southernfail

3. And the carriages and platforms are packed.

@SouthernRailUK @BBCSurrey @SBamborough #southernfail @crispinbluntmp this is my journey pretty much everyday...

Listen as @SouthernRailUK scold customers for delaying trains. Where's the guard ? #southernfail #keeptheguard

4. When your carriage resembles a tin of sardines.

.@SouthernRailUK this is what happens when you cancel trains. How do you expect people to get home?! #southernfail

5. When someone asks you to sum up what you think about Southern Rail.

Describe current #SouthernRail #SouthernFail situation in 3 or less words. #trains #brighton @SouthernRailUK

Describe Southern Rail in less than three words: "Clusterfuck." LOL.

6. When you have so much time to kill waiting for a train to arrive you deface the company's logo.

Train to work cancelled, why am I even surprised? #SouthernFAIL @SouthernRailUK

7. When you see how much hard-earned cash you have to hand over for a season ticket.

Forget gambling and girls, this is the new way to fritter money away!!! #southernfail #southernstrike #southernrail

An absolute snip at £2,672.

£4800 pa for a shoddy shambolic service with no viable alternative. What a joke. #southernrail #railreferendum

8. When you have to issue a missing persons appeal for the rail minister to come and sort it out.

Missing person-please retweet. PROTEST TONIGHT AT 17h30 London Victoria main concourse #southernfail #wheresclaire

9. When the rail replacement services leave something to be desired.

⚠️ Rail replacement service is running between Purley and #Caterham in both directions. ⚠️

Southern Rail replacement bus queue? "@antonnewcombe: ”

10. And are slower than alternative modes of transport.

Harry Potter has decided against renewing his train ticket with Southern Rail. He is using alternative transport

Methods of transport faster than Southern Rail this morning

11. And when it takes SO MUCH admin just to get a £1.50 refund for a journey that took ages.

This is my compensation from Southern Rail for a 15 min journey that took 2.5 hours. @SouthernRailUK

Attempting to travel by train. #SouthernFail

@SouthernRailUK you really dont take your customers serious do you? £1.80 compensation for my misery. #southernrail

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