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Greggs Is Going To Open Drive-Throughs In The UK And Some People Couldn't Be Happier

"This is definitely the best century to be alive."

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Greggs has announced that it is considering opening drive-through restaurants after running a trial at a shop in Manchester, and some people are pretty happy about it.

The chain, most famed for its sausage rolls and steak bakes, announced the move in its financial results on Tuesday.

β€œFollowing the successful opening of our first Greggs Drive Thru in Irlam, Greater Manchester, we are looking into potential locations so we can bring the format to other parts of the UK,” it said.

Speaking to the Newcastle Chronicle, CEO Roger Whiteside said customers were "very taken by the idea of not having to leave their cars".

People took to social media to say they were happy with the news.

With @GreggsOfficial delivery service and talk of Greggs drive thrus.... Oh this is definitely the best century to be alive 😎😎



Greggs now have a drive through. Best news this morning. Now you can have your Spiky Mikey without getting out of your car!!!

Hope it's true they are making a greggs drive through πŸ˜‚

Others tweeted to poke fun at the announcement.


By 2017 we were promised hover boards, flying cars and moon bases.. What did we end up with?? Drive-through Greg…

A drive through Greggs!! Dear me! How long does it take to run in and buy a pre-cooked pasty, seriously??

Greggs are getting a drive through??? LMFAO

Can you imagine a southern Tory being faced with a drive through Greggs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Not everyone was delighted. Some said Greggs was "shite".

Everyone wetting the bed about #Greggs drive through. It can't just be me that think #Greggs food is shite??

Drive-thru greggs?. Shame the food is fucking mingin

Greggs is introducing drive throughs because walking to get doughnuts is too much effort, according to the CEO. Obesity in 3..2..

Greggs told BuzzFeed News it had no timeline in place to roll out the stores, but said it has been "encouraged" by the "popularity" of the Manchester store, which opened in June.

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