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The BBC Asked If Black People Really Like Fried Chicken And People Are Unimpressed

"Why treat a racist stereotype like some kind of reasonable discussion point?" asked one Twitter user.

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BBC Newsbeat
BBC Newsbeat

BBC Newsbeat posted a video on Monday asking "Is it true all black people like chicken?", prompting scores of people to accuse the corporation of racism.

The video, which featured people of various ethnicities answering the question, featured comments including "black girls eat chicken because it makes their bum bigger"; a claim black people like eating chicken because it isn't as bad for diabetes, which it said is "a big thing in a lot of black families"; and that it is a stereotype that is "true".

Black people like chicken more than others - myth or reality?

BuzzFeed News understands the video is part of a special series addressing racial stereotypes, and that there will also be one on black people and swimming.

The video did NOT go down well. People wondered if the BBC had been hacked.

Bbc: its black history month we should do something. ... Bbc: hmmmm.... Bbc: I know. ...a gripping piece on why bla…

@BBCNewsbeat Is this some sort of joke? Disgusting.

@BBCNewsbeat have you been hacked!!?

@BBCNewsbeat so this was unbelievably racist. Why treat a racist stereotype like some kind of reasonable discussion point? What for?

When BuzzFeed News contacted the BBC it deleted the tweet in which the phrase was used, but kept the same video online with a different headline.

People are still really not happy.

@BBCNewsbeat The way you initially posted the video reveals your true intentions so don't try and backtrack how ins…

Child: The bbc want to film me talking about being black and British Mum: What you talking about? Child: Black peop…

@BBCNewsbeat why are you reposting the video with a different caption? Do you think we are stupid?

@BBCNewsbeat you even posted it again. delete. this. now.

BBC Newsbeat deleted. Asking why black people like chicken. In the year of our lord 2016. During Black History Month. BOI.

@BBCNewsbeat *checks date* nope definitely not April 1st

@BBCNewsbeat So with all things going on, whether or not we like fried chicken is your go to topic?? Tasteless bullshit

First Zane Malik is an inspirational black person, then the x factor palava, now big bbc is saying black people love chicken. Happy #bhm

Rachel Dolezal must have been appointed as head of social media for BBC newsbeat

BuzzFeed News contacted the BBC about the backlash and a spokesperson said the films were part of a wider documentary looking at racism in the UK, and were designed to "show young people from various backgrounds discussing their experiences of dealing with different stereotypes."

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