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People Are Angry About Burger King's New "Angriest Burger" Menu Addition

It's been baked in hot sauce, but apparently it's just not spicy enough for some people.

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Burger King

Hardcore spice fans were left disappointed by Burger King's new "Angriest" Whopper burger, which is laced with hot sauce, jalapenos, and even "angry onions".

The burger chain had promised the patty would "pack a punch with every bite", but some customers want Burger King to feel the burn, because, they said, it isn't spicy enough.

Some took to Facebook and Twitter to take the piss out of the burger, which has a bright red bun doused in hot sauce and is a limited-edition menu item on sale until June.

Some people said it should be renamed the "kindest" burger, and others said they'd tasted more spice in a packet of salt and vinegar crisps.

@BurgerKing Too much hype on this, red food dye and 2 jalapeños don't make the 'angriest' whopper at all...👎🏼

Others said it was "disappointing" and that they felt "swindled" because it tasted as though there was "just a small hint of spice".

Tried that Burger King angriest whopper joint last night and it wasn't even all that spicy. I was swindled!

Burger King's "Angriest Whopper" ain't shit 😂 they just put food coloring for the bun. Shit ain't spicy at all

Burger King / Via Facebook: burgerkinguk

Just tried the new Angriest Whopper from Burger King. It's nice but not spicy enough... #burgerking

Just tried the angriest burger @ConwayyYT not spicy😂😂

However, some customers felt the burger was more than hot enough, with one even comparing it to being "as painful as childbirth" and another claiming in jest that it had given them a stroke.

Public service announcement: no one eat the Angriest Whopper at Burger King. I'm pretty sure my heartburn today was as painful as childbirth

I think your angriest whopper gave me a stroke @BurgerKing

The "Angriest Whopper" is not so bad going down, but it kept me up all night fighting with my stomach. 😡

BuzzFeed News reached out to Burger King to ask what it made of the complaints.

A spokesperson said people could ask for add extra "Angry" sauce next time.

"Providing a superior guest experience is a top priority at Burger King," she said.

"Burger King encourages guests to customise their burger of choice to suit their individual tastes ... for example by adding extra Angry sauce or jalapenos."

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