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7 Reasons Why You Should Binge Watch Once Upon A Time Right Now

Season 5 is airing now so get to bingeing ASAP

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1. Because this

Sheriff Graham is one of the first characters we meet in season 1. AKA Jamie Dornan AKA CHRISTIAN FREAKIN' GREY (but way hotter here because dat scruff tho)

2. And because this

Also in season one you meet/fall in love with David/Prince Charming who is adorable and precious and also married to Snow White IN REAL LIFE.

3. Also him

Oh August, how wrong you are. I can't say much else about him because *spoilers* but just know he's perfect, okay?

4. And this guy too

HELLO SEBASTIAN STAN! Mr.Bucky Barnes/Carter Baizen guest stars in six episodes in season 1. Not enough.

5. Can't forget about him

Bae <3 (This is a pun, watch the show you'll understand)

6. Also, um hello

Pretty Little Liars fans might recognize Prince Philip AKA Wren AKA you should be watching this show too


A pirates life for me, you say? #notmad

I love you, Captain Hook.

Seriously there are probably a lot of other reasons to watch this show... but need I say more?

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