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    We Tried Out These Upsetting Vintage Recipes And It Was Just As Horrifying As You'd Expect

    Ham + bananas = NOPE.

    So, what do the truly upsetting vintage recipes of the 60s and 70s really taste like? We decided to find out.

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    "Jellied Tomato Refreshers" were excellent for refreshing your gag reflex.

    Get the recipe here.

    "Glazed Potato Salad" โ€“ potato salad with a gelatin and mayo glaze โ€“ was just a little bit heavy on the whole "glaze" thing.

    Get the recipe here.

    "Summer Salad Pie" โ€“ cheddar cheese pie crust with tomato-lemon jelly and TUNA FISH ICING โ€“ tasted like it was invented by aliens.

    Get the recipe here.

    And "Bananas Hollandaise," bananas wrapped in mustard-coated ham and covered in hollandaise sauce? RUN. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

    Get the recipe here.

    All in all, this was not the best experience.