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This Woman Wore Makeup For The First Time Since High School

"I just know that I'm gonna smear it all over my face."

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She says that when she was a kid, she dressed like a boy. Actually, a lot of people thought she was a boy.


And although she grew out of that phase, she never really developed a burning desire to wear makeup, like ever.

In the spirit of stepping outside her comfort zone (which she's been trying to do more of lately), she let a makeup artist do her up, and wear it for an entire day.

Watch the full transformation!

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It was definitely a foreign experience for Madeline to have someone primping and priming her face, but she was a trooper!


Yes, her eyes totally watered after some eyeliner and mascara. It happens to the best of us, girl!


At the end of the day, even though Madeline was glad she tried something new by donning a face full of makeup, she said it felt like she had a great Halloween costume on all day, but was fully expecting to go home and change.