10 Beauty Products That Never Seem To Work As Advertised

It’s either bad luck or false advertising.

1. No-Chip Nail Polish

I’ll believe it when I can do the dishes without losing half my manicure.

2. Home Tanning Products

How would you like to look: Carrot, blotchy, or grimy coffee?

3. Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner

I guess it’s only waterproof to a point, and then it’s all raccoon eyes.

4. Stick-On Nail Polish Strips

They never file off smoothly, they chip right away, and that’s when they decide to stick on at all.

5. Concealers

Ugly zit? Huge bags? Unsightly scar? Still always visible underneath your concealer.

6. No Frizz or Smoothing Conditioners

The frizz is destined to remain untamable, it seems.

7. “Painless” Hair Removal

Quick tip: If you’re removing hair, it’s going to be painful. Plucking, waxing, shaving, lasers - all of them hurt.

8. Pore Strips

Sometimes you’re lucky, but they never get all the junk out. You can leave it on til it’s paper-mache but it still won’t be 100% effective.

9. Bag Removers

Nothing short of magic can make those bag disappear. Well, that or really good make-up skills.

10. Nail Strengthers/Hardeners/Growth Formulas

You can use it everyday if you want, but your nails will still grow at that abysmally slow pace.

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