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How Skyline Became The First School To Reach Their KCCP Goal

An article written by Key Clubber Sara Reed from Division 28, on Skyline's successes through fundraising

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The first member to act on the goal was Danielle Bae


Danielle came up with the idea of selling candy canes at our school for a dollar a piece, as seen in Mean Girls. The money was all donated by Target, meaning every single candy cane sold would go directly towards fundraising for KCCP.

Incredibly quickly, the fundraiser gained traction

Within the first two days, Danielle had already met her goal and extended the fundraiser one more day. By the end of the fundraiser, Skyline was at $575/ $1,500 goal.

Then, the idea for Caroling came around

We sang and sang from door to door, with a donation basket in hand. Shockingly, we watched us almost all of the houses we went to (out of about 50) gave us at least $5. Some giving us $5, others giving us $50. Needless to say, by the end of the night we were shook.

The Second night was less successful , but we still made $315 which means...

WE REACHED OUR KCCP GOAL. Through the Candy Cane Fundraiser, selling water bottles and caroling, Skyline became the first school in Division 28 to reach their fundraising goal. Cheers!

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