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Mar 2015
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    sarar48bc9cb2f commented on Your Ratings For These Engagement Rings Will Determine Where You'll Get Married

    Moissanite is not a lab-created is lab created, but it’s an entirely different gemstone (where as a lab-grown diamond has an identical molecular makeup and is, in fact, actually a diamond).

    1 year ago

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    sarar48bc9cb2f commented on Did You Date A Famous Person Before They Were Famous?

    The theater director at my high school dated Tina Fey and broke up with her. She wrote about him in her book as the only man to truly break her heart

    3 years ago

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    sarar48bc9cb2f commented on What's The Best Tip For Surviving A Long Distance Relationship?

    My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship (MA --> LA) for 2.5 years now; we have been long distance the entire time and will continue to be so for the next three years, assuming we stay together. Here are the things I have learned: 1) People will make faces,… 

    5 years ago

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