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  • Alert! Boston Runs Out Of Donuts

    A bearded man was seen at multiple Dunkin Donuts locations around the Boston area buying out all the donuts by the dozens. This is not the first episode of this handsome individual trying to clear out all the delicious donut trays at local Dunkin Donuts. Vanilla frosted with sprinkles, Boston Cream, Jelly-filled… he wants them all! While the citizens of Beantown are freaking out over not having anything to dunk into their morning coffee, there’s a good ending to this story. A lot of happy men and women showed up to work early in the morning and were greeted by a skyscraper of orange boxes filled with appreciation for their hard work. Turns out, the mysterious handsome bearded man is a hero in disguise. A Batman of the day who responds to the call of Dunkin Donuts signs along the highway to serve the people who deserve a sugar-high the most. My hero.

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