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There's A New Hairstyle Called The "Hun" And It's Taking Over

The "hun" (or the half-bun) is the perfect mix of casual and comfortable.

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There's a new bun in town. It's called the "Hun".

This new hair creation is essentially a "half-bun," or a half-up/half-down hairdo, and lots of celebrities are on board with it.

Khloé Kardashian rocks it:

Rita Ora is giving us the half-bun in motion.

LA! I absolutely cannot wait to see you guys at @elreytheatre this Wednesday! ❤️ tix:

J.Lo is serving style from Hun-to-toe!

Vanessa Hudgens is showing it off while relaxing with family.

Ashley Tisdale knows the deal:

Lea Michele + Hun + LBD = Perfection:

Phoebe Dahl is giving her fiancée, Ruby Rose, a run for her money in the hair department!

And let's not forget Belle, who obviously started it all:

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Want to be a hun honey, too? Check out this video:

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