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These 17 Asian Restaurants In New York Are Still Open For Delivery Or Takeout

Slurp. Slurp. These noodles are calling your name.

Even though the state-wide lockdown has halted business for many Asian restaurants in New York City, there are still many spots open for takeout or delivery. So, if you’re like me and you've been drooling over that *steaming* ramen pic on Instagram, step away from the IG! You can still order yourself a bowl of ramen, pho, and more to satisfy those cravings — while also supporting local restaurants.

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Just make sure you're following these guidelines for ordering delivery.

1. Having a rough day? Need to de-stress? Raku practically delivers comfort in the form of a big bowl of chewy udon noodles.

2. Miss those KBBQ days where the smoke would be all up in your face and your clothes would end up smelling all meaty? Cote has made it possible for you to have KBBQ without having to leave the house. It's time to call up all your friends and get ready for a Zoom KBBQ party!

3. Remember those days after a long day at work when you'd be craving Chimaek (aka Korean fried chicken and beer)? You can now order alcohol at Zusik to pair with some of their hit dishes (such as Korean fried chicken, spicy rice cake, and assorted sausage stew) so you can sit back and relax while watching your Korean drama of choice.

4. Fish Cheeks is a Thai seafood restaurant, and their menu is filled with adventurous dishes. They are still offering seafood dishes in their take-out menu, which means you can get in on some seriously ~flavorful~ fish even during quarantine.

5. Nothing beats a bowl of hearty pho on a rainy day, and Hanoi House is one of the best places to scratch that itch. But while you're placing that order, you should definitely give the papaya and pig ear salad a shot — it sounds intimidating, but it is actually a delightfully crunchy dish!

6. Meanwhile, Red Farm is here for all of your dim sum–related needs. You can order these baby dumplings for lunch, dinner, or even as an afternoon snack to pair with a warm cup of tea. The best part is that, hey, now you don't even have to wait until the weekends for dim sum. (What day is it again?)

7. Ginger and Lemongrass is an Asian fusion restaurant that combines Vietnamese and Thai dishes. Pho may be the to-go dish, but for those who are looking for something a little bolder, the Thai curry and the coconut lemongrass spicy soup will be up your alley.

8. All hail the king of ramen, Ivan Orkin, known for his appearance on Chef's Table. His restaurant, Ivan Ramen, is one of those bustling spots that almost always has a line out the door. At least in quarantine, you won't have to watch everyone else slurp up their noodles while you're waiting to eat!

9. For Laotian food, you gotta head over to Khe-Yo, where you can get in on popular dishes like their crunchy coconut rice and chili prawns.

10. Uncle Chop Chop is known for their Balinese shredded roast duck dish. Not only is the spiced duck a must-order, but the turmeric rice that comes on the side is also unforgettable.

11. Even if you haven't changed out of your PJs for a month, you can still feel fancy with, yes, at-home omakase from Sushi on Jones.

12. For all the times you just want a good cold noodle dish that you can eat while mainlining your favorite reality dating show, Kings County Imperial serves up the best cold sesame noodles. It comes with a creamy peanut sauce but has a secret kick from the chili oil. Now you don't have to worry about burning your tongue while yelling at your TV screen every time Jessica from Love Is Blind appears!

13. TsuruTonTan is currently having a delivery/takeout special where you can get some of your favorite udon dishes half off! Consider it a sign to treat yourself to a vat of delicious, brothy noodles with this ~eggciting~ deal.

14. TabeTomo specializes in tsukemen, which is a ramen dish that requires one to dip the noodles in a separate bowl of broth. It may feel like extra work, but the noodles and broth are different from a ramen — the noodles are thicker and the broth is creamier.

15. Café China is known for their Sichuan cuisine, which specializes in all things spicy. Be sure to have a glass of water or milk nearby when you're digging in!

16. Sometimes, the best part of going to a Korean restaurant is the banchan (side dishes) that come out to accompany your main dish. The family meal set currently being sold at Atoboy reminds me of all the times I'd spend my birthdays at home with my family. My mom would make my favorite banchans — gochujang chicken and fishcakes with shishito pepper — both of which come with the Atoboy meal set.

17. Finally, don't forget to end the meal with a ~sweet~ treat from Grace Street Cafe. Pro tip: If you don't have the ingredients/willpower to make the trendy dalgona coffee at your house, Grace Street has your back!

Now comes the hard part: With all of these amazing choices, what, exactly, are you going to order?

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