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21 Lin-Manuel Miranda Tweets From June That Will Brighten Your Day

Lin-Manuel Miranda raising your spirits one perfect tweet at a time!

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June 1st

Good morning! Cheering for you from the rafters!

Who wouldn't be eager to start there day with the support of Lin-Manuel?

June 2nd

Well tonight took a turn 🇬🇧

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and James Corden all in one photo!

June 3rd

Catching a ride with this guy Have a lovely weekend See you Mondayyyy

Can we hang out with you, Lin?

June 5th

Seen in 🇬🇧 #ChrisRiggsArt #Pride

Love is love is love is love is love is love.

June 6th

Good morning Thank you for the torrential rain, 🇬🇧 It's like you know I'm leaving soon so you're playing your famous hits (Up next: Fog!)

Only Lin-Manuel Miranda would be grateful for rain.

June 7th

Here's my buddy Craig with a best Beyonce She-Ra shirt Never have I had such t-shirt envy in my life

Who doesn't have t-shirt envy? Am I right?

June 8th

Good evening and lights out! The sun's gone the night's out! Tomorrow we rock out! Get rest now you knockout! 🇬🇧👊🏽

When he's not using his hip-hop skills to write ground-breaking musicals, he's using them to write inspirational tweets!

June 10th

4 years ago this morning Tom Kitt & I were still not sure if the Tony opening # we'd written for @ActuallyNPH would…

A Tony Awards throwback will always be accepted!

June 11th

Lin is the biggest fangirl, and for that I am grateful!

June 11th

Too cute!

June 11th

Shoutout to your Tony watching party tonight

All of us musical theatre nerds are SCREAMING!!!!

June 11th

Well, you can't miss my mom at the Tonys this year #GIMMETHEBOOT

The truest form of motherly love.

June 12th

CJ, Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington...dreams do come true!

June 12th

Good morning! Woke up grateful for you, and this lady, and that guy, and everything

*Sobbing* We are SO grateful of you, Lin!

June 12th

Wonder Woman's Aunt wasn't at the rehearsal for this bit, if you're wondering where my chill was in this instant.…

All chills everywhere were lost.

June 14th

Good morning. Take care of yourself. Take care of your neighbor. Take care.

As if we didn't love him enough!

June 16th

Good morning! Getting my hair combed by a 2 year old, be right with you

There are no words to describe how adorable this is!

June 20th

Good night. It's your world, stunner. Go!

*Brags to everyone that Lin-Manuel Miranda called you a stunner*

June 21st

Write some thoughts down for yourself. Grab what you can, pin it to the page. Look at that! How long you been hanging on to those? Gnight!

Lin-Manuel: Composer, Lyricist, Actor, Twitter genius, and now, Therapist.

June 27th

Okay, I have to shower and do work but you're all incredible. Carry on.

We are all incredible!

One last one: June 29th

Twins! (Give Lin an Oscar!!!)

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