21 Side Effects Of Being Obsessed With "The Legend Of Zelda"

    Can Hyrule's destiny really depend on such a lazy boy?

    1. Decorative pots make your palms itch.

    2. You always show off your newest treasures with a dramatic fanfare.

    3. You refuse to walk over loose floor tiles.

    4. You're always on the lookout for secret passages.

    5. You're overconfident about your equestrian skills.

    6. Sightseeing IRL makes you nostalgic for Hyrule.

    7. You love adventure, but sometimes it's reaaaaally tempting to sleep in.

    8. You start seeing the Triforce in unexpected places...

    9. ...and you've at least considered making it a permanent fixture in your life.

    10. You never refuse a challenge.

    11. You need to find out what's behind every waterfall. BECAUSE SECRETS.

    12. Like a classic silent protagonist, you often stand back and let others advance the plot.

    13. And you listen to even the smallest voices, because they might have wisdom to share.

    14. You also have a unique respect for our feathered friends.

    15. This is the face you see in your nightmares.

    16. You have a working knowledge of Hylian.

    17. Sometimes you wow your friends with your surprisingly sage advice.

    18. Other times, not so much.

    19. You believe some of life's toughest setbacks can be overcome if you have the right song.

    20. And you don't worry too much about good-byes...

    21. ...because you know the Hero of Time always returns.