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Jul 16, 2016

This Test Will Determine How Good You Are At Grammar

How good do you grammar?

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Choose the correct word for each of the following sentences:

  1. Correct! 

    "Who's the one wearing all black?"

    "Who's" = "who is."

  2. Correct! 

    "Whose video got the most views?"

    "Whose" = "belonging to whom."

  3. Correct! 

    "We caught the dog lying on the cat's bed."

    Dogs lie down, and you lay an object down — so in this case, "lying" is correct!

  4. Correct! 

    "My cat lay down on the keyboard and crashed my computer."

    "Lay" is the past tense of "lie," so "lay" is correct! "Laid" is the past tense of "lay," which is a totally different verb that requires an object. Yeah, it's confusing AF — but here's an explainer.

  5. Correct! 

    "She's the one who I think ate the last strawberry Starburst."

    Tip: When you simplify the sentence to "I think she ate the last strawberry Starburst," you can see that "she" is the subject of that clause, which means the correct answer is "who." Who ate the last strawberry Starburst? She did.

  6. Correct! 

    "My dorm finally got its act together and installed a washer and dryer."

    "It's" with an apostrophe always stands for "it is," so "its" is correct!

  7. Correct! 

    "The three glasses of wine I drank had no effect on me."

    As a noun, "affect" means observable emotion, while "effect" means result — so "effect" is the correct answer!

  8. Correct! 

    "Daenerys was not affected by the events of the Red Wedding."

    As a verb, "affect" means "impact," while "effect" means "bring about" — so "affected" is the correct answer!

  9. Correct! 

    "That quiz would be too easy for you and me."

    "Me" is correct, since it's the object of the sentence. An easy way to tell: You'd never say "too easy for I."

  10. Correct! 

    "Javi and I were the first ones to line up for lunch."

    "I" is correct, because it's in the subject of the sentence (also, "me was the first one to line up for lunch" sounds ridiculous).

  11. Correct! 

    "I watched my friend completely freak out over Beyoncé's new album."

    "Freak out" is two words when used as a verb — "freakout" as one word is a noun, as in "my friend had a freakout."

  12. Correct! 

    "I know for a fact we are going to hook up this weekend."

    Just like in the previous question, "hook up" is the verb form — "hookup" refers to the noun form of the word.

  13. Correct! 

    "What's your most embarrassing college hookup story?"

    It's one word as a noun, two words as a verb!

  14. Correct! 

    "If I were a Labradoodle, I'd have more followers on Instagram."

    This clause is hypothetical, so it calls for the subjunctive mood — "were" is correct!

  15. Correct! 

    "My best friend got a new job and moved even farther away."

    "Farther" refers to distance; "further" refers to degree.

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