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    I Just Found Out How Much Birkin Bags Cost And Now I Want Logan Huntzberger To Be My Sugar Daddy

    Rich people, WYD?!

    OK, listen — I wouldn't exactly consider myself a ~fashun~ goddess. Never have been and never will be.


    If it wasn't in the clearance section, I probably didn't buy it.

    Which is why, just last week, as I re-watched Gilmore Girls for the 500th time, I found myself asking the age-old question, "What the fuck is a Birkin bag?"

    The WB / BuzzFeed

    And why is it such a big freakin' deal???

    If you don't recall, in the episode "Welcome to the Dollhouse", Logan makes a ~grand gesture~ by buying Rory a super trendy Birkin bag as a gift.

    The WB

    She isn't WILDLY impressed because she's a down-to-earth binch, like myself. Emily Gilmore, on the other hand, loses her freaking shit because she's the classy, rich broad I aspire to become after I marry for money!

    So just how much does this bag REALLY cost? I decided to do some résearch (i.e. a Google search) because I'm curious and broke, and what I found shook me to my Forever 21-covered core.

    Disney, Sarah Wainschel / BuzzFeed

    Are you ready to hear your empty bank account gasp and clutch its fake-ass pearls? A new Birkin bag can cost anywhere from $12,000 to TWO 👏 HUNDRED 👏 THOUSAND 👏 DOLLARS 👏

    Comedy Central, The WB

    Yeah, you read that right!! $200,000!!!!!!


    The bags are so exclusive that Hermès refuses to disclose how many they make a year, just like I refuse to disclose how many times I've been to Chipotle this month! It's called class!

    You can't simply purchase a Birkin bag off the Hermès website when you're drunk at 3 a.m. either, and they're definitely not available on Amazon Prime (believe me, I checked)!

    RCA Records, NBC

    There are waitlists and blacklists and sometimes you just have to sit around and wait for your rich Great Aunt Jean to kick the bucket so she can pass her bag on to you!

    And listen... I'm fully aware Logan is rich and irresponsible so save me the lecture, but DO YOU *KNOW* WHAT YOU COULD BUY with even just $12,000 dollars???


    $12,000 would get you 5,741 boxes of Strawberry Pop-Tarts from Target or the same number of grande coffees from Starbucks.

    Netflix, The WB

    It'd pay for almost 40% of a year's worth of Yale tuition in 2005.

    The WB, Netflix

    You could buy 524 of these very reasonably priced faux-leather crossbody bags from Forever 21 and you wouldn't even have to worry about smearing your wet n wild lipstick in it!

    Forever 21, Vine

    My wallet is choking!

    Moral of the story — I don't think I TRULY realized how rich Logan Huntzberger was until this exact moment and I'm going to need someone to give me his number as ASAP as possible!

    The WB / Sarah Wainschel / BuzzFeed

    I don't care if he's a fictional character, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    And now that I'm up to speed on the world of impractical handbags, all the rich™ and fashionable™ can proceed to drag my liberal arts major ass in the comments! 😘

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