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Amie Penwell Brings An "Unstoppable" Song To The Masses

From her upcoming record "Windows" out 11/6

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Amie Penwell is breaking into the scene with her newest single to hit the streets, "Unstoppable." As we steadily head into Election season, so does Penwell with her take on politics in the modern world. The video is perfectly crafted at every angle, as Penwell brings her own charming elements to the song. Last month in a feature with No Depression, the acclaimed artist shared

"“Unstoppable" was born out of the sheer powerlessness and desperation that, I and my community were/are feeling during this relentless shit storm of brutality, stupidity, arrogance, and ignorance that swept over our country in 2016 . Love and light are fierce , unstoppable forces. Ones that grow us instead of divide us. I trust them. It was the last song to come, one I didn’t want to sing, but the one I most needed to. It became medicine.”

Throughout the song and video, we hear Penwell take charge musically, lyrically, and vocally. She carries a powerful message that will not only stop you dead in your tracks, but will leave you thinking as well. With "Windows" set for a release date of November 6th, this is only the beginning of great things to come from the artist, and we're on board.

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