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The 10 Ways Girls Choose Their March Madness Brackets

Maybe don't do these this year...

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3. Ex-Boyfriends


I dated this guy that went to UVA and he was a jerk, so I am NEVER EVER picking them.

My ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend is a cheerleader for Kansas. Bitch from K is not getting my pick.

My ex lived and breathed Michigan State, and quite frankly, I can't even write their name down.

4. Pets


Aww, Tennessee has a puppy dog as their mascot... I have a puppy. Instagramming #max now, #puppylove #dogstagram

On gossip girl, Blair had a bulldog because she loved Yale, so I pick any school with a Bulldog. Oh, and I pick Blair Waldorf.

Um. EW. Wichita State are the "Shockers?" That is just gross. Ew. NO.

8. An Inconvenience the Team May Have Cause You


"We interrupt the regular schedule of The Bachelor to bring you Memphis vs. Pittsburgh" #WTF

You: "We on for our date tonight?" Him: "Oh, no, sorry watching the UCLA game with the guys."

What is with all of this traffic in Lexington tonight? I need to get to the mall, it's taking forever!

9. Smiling Players


Oklahoma State's best player is smiling in his bio picture. He must be nice.

Look how happy that guy on the bench from Baylor is about basketball!

The guy from Arizona is frowning. He looks angry, that can't be good for the team unity.

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