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    8 Things The NFL Should Have Banned Instead Of Purses

    Look, NFL, maybe instead of banning women's purses you should ban these things.

    The NFL has introduced a new policy stating that women can't bring purses over a certain size, larger than a wallet, to any NFL game. If you want to bring a larger purse, you can either bring one of the logoed clear bags, or you can bring a ziplock bag.

    A ziplock bag.

    I guess I would recommend freezer proof for women in New England and Minnesota. Then I got to thinking of several things the NFL should have banned instead of my innocent H&M cross body bag...

    1. The Pink Jersey (or any shirt that is not the color of the team)

    2. Whatever these fluffy scarf things are

    3. The Crop Top Jersey - What am I supposed to do with these?

    And what on earth would anyone in BOSTON do with a crop top in pouring snow, 16 degree weather? Here, you look cold. Try putting on a crop top.

    4. House divided plates

    Do you live in your car? Is your car your home? No? Then put your favorite team on your car and let your husband put his favorite on his car. You can hang a poster in the house that says house divided so that I don't have to look at it. Problem solved.

    5. 'Your_Name_Here' Personalized jerseys

    Who the heck is Big Freddy? Is he the corner back? Exception: if you made a personalized Leon Sandcastle jersey, that would be awesome. But then you'd have to wear a chiefs jersey and that would be unfortunate for you.

    6. Wearing a team's jersey that isn't playing

    i.e. Atlanta Braves jersey at a Oakland Raiders game. Lakers jersey at a Dolphins game... or in this case, a Golden State fan at the Spurs / Heat game.

    7. Stupid sayings

    I don't want to profess my desire to play the field, hangout in anyones dugout, go all the way and I most certainly don't want to be anyone's halftime show. Unless you enjoy watching a girl consume cheese dip like it is her job and throw back miller lights... in which case, I still won't be wearing that shirt.

    8. Kristen Cavalari's NFL Line

    What. Is. This.

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