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5 Rules Of Handwriting

Remember those old fashioned things before texting? Pen and paper? Yeah, these are the rules for that ancient art form.

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Rule #1 You may not use hearts or circles to dot your i.

Are you Malibu Barbie?

Is your date to prom date Zach Morris? Or that manager from the Max?

Do you giggle after every third word?

Do you have a pom pom at the end of your pen?

No? None of those? Ok, well don't use hearts to dot your i.

Rule #2 You may not screw up the first page of a new notebook


Dated it wrong?

Have an ugly handwriting day?

Throw that thing away. Your ruined it. Hang your head in shame because you really screwed this one up, big time.

Rule #3 When You Find a Pen that Gives You the Gift of Great Handwriting, Steal it.

Me: "Hey, would you mind if I borrow your pen?"

Inner monologue as I start writing:

"Oh it feels so good in my hand. I don't have to grip it too hard. Ohhh it has that tip that I love. Oh my gosh, this ink just flows so freely, just the way Snickers Bars flow all over Jessica Simpson's big ole booty. Good lord, it is like these words are writing themselves. I may be in heaven. If I don't steal this pen then I may never see it again? We will be forever separated. What if no one throws the pen a birthday party? What if no one is there to celebrate the pen's bat mitzvah? What if the pen's owner beats it and doesn't leave water out for the pen when she leaves? I better steal this pen and give it a good, warm home."

Rule #4 If you are passing a note, spice it up bro!

If you are going to take the time to write a handwritten note, be sure to really put some effort into it. Your reader will appreciate it. This is just a sampling of ways to spice up your handwriting for your reader. You could also use (but not limited to)...

Bubble letters

Stick figures

Lightning bolts

Chinese symbols

Pig Latin


Sunshine coming out of the top right corner

A series of smileys

A billion stars over and over again

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