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4 Things Men Just Can't Seem To Understand About Women's Clothing

Dudes, this isn't that difficult.

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1. What is a Dress?

A dress is all one piece. When you have a dress on, you have JUST ONE PIECE OF CLOTHING to put on your body.

Guy Terms: You have just one piece to take off when you go to do what it is you go to do... you know...

Examples of Dresses:

2. What is a Skirt?

A skirt is just a bottom. If a girl was just wearing a skirt, and nothing else, she would be naked up top. Skirts are paired with tops. Here are some examples of skirts...

Guy terms: You will have two pieces of clothing to take off when a girl is wearing an outfit with a skirt.

Examples of skirts...

3. What is a Blouse?

You guys always call all forms of tops, blouses. Why is that? I can almost guarantee that she is not wearing a blouse. Blouses went out in the 80s. Just call it a top. That simple, no matter what kind of shirt she is wearing, a top is sufficient. If you just have to know what an actual blouse looks like, well, here are some examples of blouses:

4. What is A Compliment

Good lord guys. If she spends more time than usual getting ready, find SOMETHING to compliment. Otherwise I guarantee she will want to go right back up, change clothes and get ready all over again. Guess who has to keep waiting when that happens. That is right, you!

Examples of compliments

Just some advice, if she has to ask you, "How does this look?"

1. You already screwed up by not saying anything when she walked down the stairs

2. You can redeem yourself by using one of the phrases above

3. If you don't want to get lucky for the next several days, never ever ever reply to that question with, "Fine."

Please direct all questions to the comments box below. I'm here to help, boys.

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