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22 Chill Hipster Songs To Get You Through The Day

cos you HAAAAD a bad DAAAYYYY.. Don't pretend like you don't remember Daniel Powter. I know you remember Daniel Powter.

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Does today feel a little like this?

Wikimedia / Via

Or maybe this??

#SAVEMEEEEeeeeIt's ok it gets better.


It's ok it gets better.

Here's some music, all with titles appropriate for the %^&*$# day you're having!!!!!!111!!!1one!!!!!!1!

sugarintherain / Via

1. Active Child - Hanging On

View this video on YouTube

Active Child, Vagrant Records / Via

2. BABEL - Incredibly Close feat. Wrenn

View this video on YouTube

Teun Lauwerier, BABEL, Crystal Pistons / Via

This day is INCREDIBLY CLOSE to being done!!!! Or.. if not.. at least you're probably INCREDIBLY CLOSE TO LUNCH TIME!!!!

3. Emika - Wicked Game

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Emika, Amazons Irentaou / Via

Yes, yes, it does seem at times to all be a wicked game.. NOW GO PUNCH THIS DAY IN THE FACE!!!

Also check out "Double Edged Sword"

4. Cosmo Sheldrake - The Moss

View this video on YouTube

Cosmo Sheldrake / Via

Today has been Moss..tly bad, but tomorrow will be better! (... eh, I tried.)

Just generally check this guy out. He just does the wildest stuff, like building a mini-village for him to perform a song in, or going around the Bulgarian countryside, collecting sounds.

5. Banks - Drowning

View this video on YouTube

banksVEVO / Via

Self explanatory -- hang onto those stylish floaties!! Hashtag, this dog came better prepared for today than you did.

6. Bear's Den - Sahara Pt. II

View this video on YouTube

Bear's Den / Via

And for those of you on the opposite side of the "metaphor for how I'm feeling today" spectrum, who've chosen "desert wasteland" instead of "floatie-less existence in the sea, and there are definitely sharks everywhere" ... quench your thirst here.

(No but actually, #parchedthroats #desertlyf has anyone else been thirsty all day?)

7. Bahamas - Lost in the Light

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BahamasVEVO / Via

Feeling #dazedandconfused? or #Lost? #jjabramsshows #whosexcitedforStarWarsVII #iknowiam #greedoshotfirst #jinksyouowemeacoke #payup

8. Handsome Ghost - Blood Stutter

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Handsome Ghost / Via

Sweat, tears, blood -- all things that go into studying. Stuttering -- symptom of not having slept in a few days. Also hallucinating. That one too. #ghosts #handsomeghosts

... UGH these are all such stretches, I'm cringing so hard, I wish I hadn't gone down this esoteric "titles-mimic-day" path. Backing up BEEP BEEP BEEP

9. Agnes Obel - Dorian

View this video on YouTube

Agnes Obel / Via

Ok this title has nothing to do with having a bad day, but this is a great song that will soothe you into a productive stupor..

10. Phosphorescent - Song for Zula

View this video on YouTube

Phosphorescent / Via

I bet that Zula b%&*( is having a great day right now.

11. Air - Playground Love

View this video on YouTube

Air, ZioCrio / Via


12. MADE IN HEIGHTS - Wildflowers (Exhale Efreet)

View this video on YouTube

MADE IN HEIGHTS, bob esponja / Via

Collective EXHALE.

13. Sam Lachow - Brand New Bike feat. Ariana Deboo

View this video on YouTube

Ariana Deboo, Sam Lachow / Via

Yeah today was awesome!!! UNTIL YOU FELL OFF YOUR BRAND NEW BIKE (like i did) and things went downhil from there. (Literally. I was going down a hill. #everydaysymbolism)

14. Stumbleine - Capulet

View this video on YouTube

Stumbleine, Majestic Casual / Via

Ok, Juliet Capulet probably is having a worse day.

15. Ben Howard - Black Flies

View this video on YouTube

Ben Howard, kateypotato / Via

WHERE'D ALL THESE BLACK FLIES COME FROM!??!?!?! Do I have to call pest control, AGAIN!?!?!?!?!?! WHYyyYYYy

For more Ben Howard:

Only Love



16. Frank Ocean - Swim Good

View this video on YouTube

Frank Ocean / Via

Juuuuuust keep swimming, just keep swiiiiimmming!

17. Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Vapour

View this video on YouTube

Vancouver Sleep Clinic, vancouversleepclinic / Via

Vancouver? SLEEP CLINIC?? SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!!!111!!!!one!!!! *eyebags suddenly drop noticeably further*

18. Jose Gonzalez - Stay Alive

View this video on YouTube

Jose Gonzalez, JoseGonzalezVEVO / Via

Also pretty explanatory.

Check out the rest of the soundtrack for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty! Full of lots of comforting, feel-good music.

19. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home

View this video on YouTube

The Cinematic Orchestra, Dima S / Via

... or ... to go back to a home...

20. Angus Stone - Broken Brights

View this video on YouTube

Angus Stone / Via

I don't know what "brights" means in this instance, but ... I'll assume for the purposes of this post that breaking them means something terribly dire.

21. The Paper Kites - Featherstone

View this video on YouTube

The Paper Kites, thepaperkitesband / Via

Again, I got nothin. It's a good song, though.

22. Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

View this video on YouTube

Coldplay, Coldplay Official / Via

Cos your day would be SO MUCH BETTER if you were eating strawberries right now... unless you're allergic to strawberries.

[If you're allergic to strawberries, read this caption]:

Cos your day would be SO MUCH WORSE if you were eating strawberries right now.

(And yes, I'm aware that neither Frank Ocean nor Coldplay nor Ben Howard happen to be hipster... Additionally, I'm aware of the inherent UNHIPSTERITUDEYNESS of posting to BUZZFEED: i.v. as it is of all things mainstream... Additionally I should note that in a previous iteration of this article, I published these 22 songs with the title "19 Chill Hipster Songs..." ... We all make mistakes.. maybe I more than most. See I've made 3 mistakes in like 30 minutes. You're already having a better day.)




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