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Why Social Media Makes It Impossible To Move Out And On

So, you've moved on in your life. You left your friends and family behind to really try and make something of yourself. You're feeling super awesome and accomplished until your friend posts a photo album of all your friends partying together at a local bar on Facebook, and then you get a Snapchat of your girlfriends at the beach, and then you see your ex post a picture of him and his new girlfriend on Instagram. WTF social media! Way to make me feel like a loser!

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You now receive push notifications every time a new friend is in a relationship.

You see snap stories from all your friends where they're all partying together and you're sitting in your new apartment like...

Every time you get on Facebook you see your friends are now pairing off.

Did they wait until I left to start dating? How long have they been into each other?! How did I not know?!

Your ex keeps posting pictures and statuses about his new boo-thang.

Ugh. Whatever. She's pretty basic anyway.

Your old friends keep posting pictures on your wall of everyone going out together and captioning it "Miss you."

Tagging friends in statuses...

"Had a great time last night with @Timmy @Tammy @Tonya @Tom @Trixie @Troy @Tallen @Trisha and @Ashley @TheBestBarEver #BFFsforlife!"

You most likely have social media apps on your phone which means you carry a constant reminder of your friends' happiness without you.

Instagram posts of your friend with her new friends saying "Love my girls!"

Your friends are still hanging out at your favorite meet up spot...without you.

Every new season brings new things you're missing out on

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But then you remember that you're bettering yourself, and gaining new experiences

See, parallel parking isn't that hard!

And you're also making new friends

And you know that at the end of the day home will always be there to welcome you back.

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