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    NY Comic Con: Put It On Your Bucket List!

    This weekend superheroes, anime creatures, and super-fans invaded the Javits Center on the West Side of Manhattan. People from all walks of life donned their best cosplay and dove into the cornucopia of pop culture that is NYCC. Here's why you should go to NYCC at least once in your life.

    Out of this World Cosplay!

    Sara Humphreys

    NYCC attendees don't mess around, people. There was some serious cosplay on display this weekend. This Luke Skywalker rocked it from head to toe. The costume was on point, complete with the robotic hand but it was his hair and makeup that put his cosplay over the top. His custom wig, beard and makeup were designed by Hero Hair.

    It's a Family Affair

    I saw several families dressed up as everything from anime characters to Star Trek crew members. I think the ability to bring the kids along for the fun, and have them participate, is one of the best aspects of this convention. My favorite fam was this super-hero bunch. How awesome is the mini Aquaman?

    Teen-Girl Fantasies Come to Life

    Sara Humphreys

    Many women of my *ahem* vintage wallpapered their high school lockers and bedroom walls with those pullout posters from Tiger Beat magazine. Don't lie. You know you did. I crushed on C. Thomas Howell when I first saw him in The Outsiders. I then proceeded to watch every movie he was ever in, including Grandview U.S.A. (That flick embodies '80's cheesiness at it's finest.) So, when I met him at NYCC this weekend, the fourteen year old girl in me fainted. He's a little grayer and older but who isn't? Tommy was as charming as I hoped he would be. I tried to hold it together and ask an intelligent question but I'm pretty sure that I babbled. To find out his favorite moment when filming The Hitcher come on by my website.

    New to You Authors

    Sara Humphreys

    Graphic novels and books are represented all over the place at NYCC and I love having a chance to find new-to-me authors. On Thursday, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Dominic Aradio, half of the Aradio Brothers creative team. They created the Colt Outlander universe, which is a wild mashup of sci-fi/westerns/steampunk/adventure. Their universe has been featured in Heavy Metal magazine and they're now expanding into stand alone novels. Dominic was on hand to promote their debut novella, The Blood Prize. This installment, written by Kevin J. Anderson, was created specifically for Comic Con by Word Fire Press. How cool is that?

    Learn a New Skill

    Brother Sewing Machines teamed up with Simplicity Patterns and hosted a cosplay costume booth. Con attendees could pick out snazzy patterns for rocking' cosplay from Simplicity and a representative from Brother was on hand to show you how to customize it and make it your own. Making your own cosplay is far more affordable than the store bought options. The best part? One of my old college buddies, Kimberly McKay, was the one representing Brother! See? You never know who you'll bump in to an NYCC.

    You'll Find Your People

    These three friends were here from Florida and dodging hurricane Matthew. Melanie and David are Comic Con veterans but this was their buddy Jeremy 's first time. I asked them what they liked best about coming. David said, "There's unique stuff to buy and the cosplay is really cool." Jeremey added, "I'm an actor and there's a lot of creative people here. I love it." Amen, my friend. Amen. That's they key to happiness in life, isn't it? Find your people.

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