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To BuzzFeed Or Not To BuzzFeed

Because I am desperate and I am okay with that.

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BuzzFeed. That is what I told everyone who asked, “why Los Angeles?” It has always been BuzzFeed. After getting turned down several times now and graduation nearing, I put the BuzzFeed dream aside and started applying for other jobs. I watch the YouTube videos constantly and sure enough, they made two videos within days of each other about getting a job at BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeedVideo / Via

Seriously? I am not a quitter. After finally justifying not applying anymore, you put out this video? Well, I am ignoring it. At least that was the plan...

BuzzFeedVideo / Via

Days later, this video pops up. Now I can't just ignore the coincidence.

BuzzFeedVideo / Via

Now I am questioning everything. Do I keep applying? Do I give up? Do I even want to go to LA anymore? Ugh.

BuzzFeedVideo / Via

Now I am sitting here writing this post because I have no plan after graduation except BuzzFeed. So here goes nothing.

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