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    • Sarahtonin

      I don’t understand the bitterness that people are responding with towards this project. Donating is voluntary, you can’t go ahead making assertions that because somebody has experienced fame, doors will automatically open for them and everything will be easy. If you had something you were that passionate about, would it not pain you to be denied the chance for creative control or to be unable to make itareality? Some of the best films I’ve seen have been independently made, because they’re allowed to stay true to their artistic value, and not jammed through some Hollywood machine of pre-established formulas that relate directly to reaching all imaginable audiences and thus greater sales and profits. We need to stop puttingadamper on other people’s aspirations, and instead hope that we find something to be that passionate about.Iloved Garden State, and can’t wait to see what he does next, so best of luck to him!

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