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"Bachelor" Runner-Up Raven Gates Wore A VERY Political Dress On "After The Final Rose" And We Didn't Even Notice

She looked fabulously chic, but her super positive message makes it even better. WARNING: Bachelor spoilers ahead!

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Monday night, Bachelor Nick Viall got down on one knee.

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

That's right, when it came down to the final rose, Nick Viall gave Vanessa, the stunning Canadian, the final rose. We were so happy for Nick and Vanessa, who seemed very happy. But we were bummed for sweet runner-up Raven Gates. Throughout the season, she impressed us with her spunky energy and her sense of fun. And even though Raven clearly had real feelings for Nick, she handled their breakup with grace.

As is the tradition, Raven appeared live on After the Final Rose following the Bachelor finale, and can we say, she looked amazing. / Via Instagram

Raven wore this stunningly chic dress by Scarlet Clothing. It's a deep, iridescent green that we thought was just a beautiful compliment to her long, dark hair. But it turns out the color meant so much more.

In fact, the green color represented Raven's hometown of Hoxie, AK, which was being honored Monday as one of the first cities to integrate their schools in 1955. / Via Instagram

We don't see a lot of political statements on The Bachelor, and Raven's is such a lovely one. During The Bachelor season, we were touched by Raven's strong connection to her small hometown, and we can see it coming through even more as she pays tribute to her town's proud heritage.

Hoxie did play a significant role in the early Civil Rights Movement. In fact, it was the subject of documentary Hoxie: The First Stand.

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

According to the Arkansas Library, Hoxie wasn't the first town in Arkansas to embrace integration after Brown v. The Board of Education, but it was the first town to meet with resistance.

In 1955, after a unanimous vote by the school board, twenty-five African American students registered at the high school of about 1,000. Segregationists protested and put pressure on the Hoxie school board, but they remained resolute. Hoxie's integration was a turning point for Arkansas and helped pave the way for further integration.

But why green, specifically? Because that's the color of Hoxie High School, and Raven is a Hoxie girl through and through. / Via Instagram

We just love that Raven remains so proud of her roots. And we wish her all the best in her life after the Bachelor.

We also appreciate her strong, positive political statement. Because we can all learn from her words about Hoxie:

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