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Which CUA Nursing Student Are You?

Find out which of the five most memorable members of the Class of 2017 you are.

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  1. What's your go-to Pryz meal?

    8-piece nugget, regular fries, two Chick-Fil-A sauces, and a Diet Coke
    Romaine Lettuce w/ parmesan cheese, chicken, and onion and beets on the side
    Sushi, with the soy sauce and wasabi mixed together for an optimal dipping experience
    Foot-long from Subway (half for now, half for later)
    Philly cheesesteak and (an excessive amount of) curly fries
  2. What's your Pre-HESI pump-up jam?

    My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion
    Lord, I Need You- Matt Maher
    Something Indie that you've probably never heard of
    I wake up 5 minutes before tests, so I don't have time to listen to music
  3. What is your favorite CUA tradition?

    I don't do traditions
    Drinking an entire bottle of moscato before every dance
    Eating an excessive amount of food at Fall Fiesta
    Taking pictures of hot guys on campus and compiling them into a photo album (wait...does anyone else even do that?)
    Getting fake engagement pictures taken outside of the Basilica
  4. What caffeinated beverage gets you through a tough week?

    Grande chai tea latte with soy milk (after taking a lact-aid, just for extra security)
    Grande soy cascara latte
    Venti Peach Green Tea Lemonade (followed by 3-4 cups of coffee)
    Coca-Cola...that's all I need!
    Large hot mocha from Dunkin
  5. Where is your go-to study spot on campus?

    A small table in Starbs (an outlet is a must!)
    A booth in Murphy's snagged at 8 am
    I don't study.....?
    One of Sarah T's rocking sofas
    Center for Cultural Engagement
  6. How do you de-stress after a long week of exams?

    Drinking 3 mega margs from San Ann's, then hangwith the fam for the rest of the weekend
    Chug a bottle of wine, then immediately start studying for the next exam
    Binge-watch an entire Netflix series while eating an entire bag of edemame
    Go straight to bed where you'll remain for at least 48 hours
    Retreat to my boyfriend's apartment so I can play Sims in peace
  7. Which embarrassing college memory do you identify with the most?

    Fr. Jude watching you chug tequila out of Sprite bottle at Luau
    Dropping 48 water bottles outside of CV while a multitude of attractive men walk by
    Pronouncing "Episcopalian" as "Episkapostull" in a presentation
    Indiscreetly yelling "Look who it is!" when walking past Sarah's ex-boyfriend, only to have him hear
    Carrying a box across campus in the pouring rain in flip flops and shorts
  8. Who is your favorite nursing professor?

    Jane Taylor
    Professor Taylor
    Ms. Taylor

Which CUA Nursing Student Are You?

You got: Sarah Turgeon

You have no filter, awful taste in men, and take pettiness to extreme levels. However, you never fail to make everyone around you laugh with your exaggerated stories and self-deprecating humor. Somewhere deep down, you have a gentle side, but it's only expressed in the form of baked goods and mojitos made with fresh mint from your windowsill garden.

Sarah Turgeon
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You got: Sarah Abel

You couldn't care less about academics, yet you still manage to get straight A's. You are exclusively found on the frisbee field, nannying, or FaceTiming your S.O. in the lower level of your building's parking garage.

Sarah Abel
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You got: Katie Ford

You are the queen of #adulting: you cook, clean, get good grades, volunteer, and tutor. Your only flaw is that you ask an excessive amount of questions in class (but is that REALLY a bad thing)? You can often be found searching for fresh Romaine lettuce in the Pryz or playing Sims until the wee hours of the morning.

Katie Ford
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You got: Allison Sawyer

You are one of the more mellow members of the bunch, which is reflected in your crazy amount of candles and soothing forest tapestry. Your hobbies include cooking in bulk, singing (well) in the shower, buying gifts for other people, and working at the package room (wait, that's definitely not a hobby). A perfect day for you includes taking a run at Rock Creek Park followed by bottomless sushi with your closest friends.

Allison Sawyer
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You got: Scholastica

You've got a bright wardrobe and an even brighter personality! You own who you are and have the confidence of Beyonce, the Queen, and Dr. Patti Connor-Ballard combined. For you, a day without pizza or french fries is a day wasted.

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