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Lemons. The Cure To Cancer.

Oh, you didn't hear? Yeah, lemons cure cancer now. As another PINKtober draws to a close, here is a two-time breast cancer survivor's real talk.

SarahAwesome • 3 years ago

What Young Cancer Is Really Like

Because everyone asks me.

SarahAwesome • 3 years ago

A Makeup Tutorial For Cancer Patients

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, here is a two time breast cancer survivor demonstrating how to apply makeup despite chemo side effects. As she instructs other survivors and fighters, she proves laughter really IS the best medicine.

SarahAwesome • 3 years ago

Why We Should All Start Using The Hashtag: #startandendhappy

Sarah is 34 and has quite a story. Having faced many obstacles and hardships, she has a message to share with you on how to maintain a positive outlook on life.

SarahAwesome • 4 years ago