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How To Get A Free Website Without Buying A Domain Name

Who on this mother earth wouldn’t enjoy a freebie? In fact, all of us will! Well talking about the online web world, we are here discussing little stuff about free websites, without buying a domain name. Yes! A free website for all your business operations without having to pay a penny! But, make sure to trail through the page before you take the final decision.

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Some web hosting companies do offer free website hosting, without having to buy the domain. Mainly these free web hosts allow a sub-domain which is associated with your website, without having to pay for the same.

Generally, as you start building your website with the sign up process associated with any free website builders, you receive a free sub-domain as the temporary address of your site that is under construction. For example- Weebly would offer a website address, whereas, for Wix it will be

This domain can be used during the construction of the website, but as the website is ready for publishing, one can also go for attaching it to a new or a beforehand purchased domain.

It’s the way you like, whether you wish to continue with the free domain or the newly purchased individual domain. But, before the final verdict let’s take a look forward.

What to learn about free website hosting without buying domain name from the pages of history?

History is considered as the best teacher for any of the hard core decision making process. Also to an extent it is considered to repeat itself after a time period. Talking about the history of free web hosting, it has most of the time not been a good decision to rely on.

For example- Google- the God of the web world, in the recent memories has closed their Google Page Creator service for free web hosting. Around almost the same time period, AOL, another giant of web host leads closed down its member pages, which lead to a real glitch among many of webmasters hosting their sites with it. Finally the Yahoo's Geocities, one of the very recent free web hosting platforms got closed too.

* Thus every time a free web host gets closed the relating sites hosted via it simply get lost or disappear forever.

* Also it becomes very difficult for search engines like-Google to link your new web address or domain for its search answers. This means even if you exist on another domain, you will never appear in the search.

* A website takes a lot of creativity, coding amplifications and dedicated error free hard work to come up. With such an unwanted situation it becomes very difficult to build up the same links you owned previously. This means it is a new site to start all over again.

Benefits of owing your own domain

Contrast to this happens when you own your own domain name by spending a few bucks. Neither does your website link get affected nor does the data or website go in vain with a changed situation.

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of owning one’s own domain-

* None of the things change with the web host, as you carry your domain name and get it attached to its new location.

* From the user’s part, no change of web address, site or location takes place.

* Owning a domain name is cheap as compared to the price one has to pay with a closed free domain offer. You can start from as cheap as $4 per month.

* Also with a full-fledged 100% features enabled web hosting you enjoy premium offers retaining access to the inaccessible things when it’s for free.

Thus, even though getting a free website hosting without buying a domain name is easy, but not a much recommended part in the online world. Buy a premium paid domain account in order to boost your credibility and professionalism in the online world.

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