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Creative And Unusual Journals That Will Surprise You

For those who maintain a journal and pour out their hearts on its pages, it is almost like a safe sanctuary for their souls and hearts. On the blank pages of a journal one can be absolutely emotionally naked and can express themselves without the fear of being judged. People use it to write about their daily lives, write about their emotional experiences or even doodle just for fun.

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Journals have come a long way and have been transformed in to something that becomes an extension of the personality of its owner. They have become more stylish and quirky than ever. Some exclusive designs have taken the market by a storm.

Moleskin Cahier Journal

If you have a motto that you swear by in life or simply some words that hold special meaning to your heart, a moleskin cahier journal can be the ideal buy for you. It is made of Horween leather and it can be engraved with a special message that will be in front of your eyes every time you pick up your journal. Not only you can choose the ideal size for yourself you can also get the threads of your choice on the cover.

f you wish, you can buy premium quality leather journals like the one shown above from OleksynPrannyk.

Pineapple’ Wood Cover Journal

If you lean over towards a little bit of quirk, how about having a laser cut pineapple image on top of your journal? The cover of this journal is made up of hardwood cover and is very eye catchy. Infact, it can be used as a desk top decoration which will add all the charm you need for your desk. It can be ideal gift to be given to someone also.

Notebook ‘IDEA’

If you are someone with a strong sense of creativity or know someone who is constantly flooded with ideas, this next journal can be the perfect thing to buy. The cover has the word “idea” written in laser cut. The pages are blank and they can be customized to any color you want. This can be a great gift for young children.

Tattoo Notebook

The next unique notebook on our list is the tattoo notebook. The book has 100 thick pages with matte texture and with images of various human body parts. It is ideal for professional tattoo artists as well as the newbies. You can practice as much as you want and you can have a clear idea as well as to how your design will look when actually done on human body. Quite a unique journal, we must say!

Daycraft Notebook – Cream Cookie

If you are a cookie or a candy lover, then this notebook is the perfect one for you. This day craft notebook comes in the shape of a cream cookie. We are not exaggerating when we tell you that this journal actually looks like a legit cream cookie and it bound gain surprised looks from people around you. Not only can you use it to jot down your thoughts but it can also serve as an excellent desktop accessory.

Triangle Notebook

If are someone who does not like the path much travelled, in other words you like things which are not ordinary, then how about a triangular notebook for you? At the first look, this notebook does seem a little odd. But once you open the front cover, you are faced with brilliance of the simplicity of this notebook. It looks very artsy and will definitely come to your rescue whenever you want to pour your emotions on it.

Phone+ Book

The next journal on our list is ideal for people who dread parting from their phones. This Phone+ Book is ideal for Iphones 4s and 5s and has a slot in the notebook itself for keeping your phone with you as well as a slot for your pencil/pen.

We are sure these journals will definitely appeal to you and the next time you think of buying a journal, you will steer clear of those boring grandma journals.

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