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Which Educational Theatre First-Year Are You?

the most important question.

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  1. At midnight on a typical Friday, you are...

    Watching Riverdale
    Having a movie night
    Out having a good time
    Trying to go out but ending up in your room all night and cutting your hair
    Watching videos on youtube
    FaceTiming friends from home
    Ordering postmates
    Drinking wine
    Eating hot cheetos
    Asleep, honestly
  2. On a perfect date, you would...

    Go to a Broadway show
    Do anything as long as it's a date... I'll take what I can get
    Go to a concert
    Talk at a coffee shop
    Visit a pet store
    Do something involving free food
    Eat mac and cheese
    Go to a museum
    Go to a party
  3. What's your Starbucks order?

    Iced caramel macchiato
    Mocha frappuccino
    Black coffee with splenda
    Green tea frappuccino
    Iced tea lemonade
    Chai latte (hot or iced, for any season!)
    Iced caramel mocha
    Cold brew with vanilla sweet cream
    Strawberry refresher
    Iced white tea
  4. In another life, you were...

    A flower child
    A panda
    A disney princess
    A cat
    A Jamaican dancer
    Less stressed
    A hedgehog
    A smol doge
    A fox
  5. It's 8:59 am on Friday morning and Intro to Education Theatre class starts in one minute. You are...

    Cutting it close and doing the reading that is due today
    Sitting in class, Starbucks drink in hand
    Calmly reviewing your notes from the night before
    Barely making it to class
    Laughing quietly to yourself in the corner
    Walking in the door, right on time
    In the bathroom
    Wandering around the hallway with your headphones in, trying to remember which room class is in
  6. What's your catchphrase?

    Pick the phrase you would most likely say.

    Pick the phrase you would most likely say.

    My favorite color is black.
    Life is good and getting better all the time
    You're doing great, sweetie.
    Omg, same!
    I'm so tired...
    I'm COOKED.
    Ohmigod stop you're kidding.
    Oh yeah!
  7. What is your favorite dessert?

    Insomnia cookies
    Warm chocolate chip cookies
    Apple pie and ice cream
    Hot men
    Slutty brownies (brownie/cookie/oreo bars)
    Green tea ice cream
    The blood of your enemies
  8. What is your favorite musical?

    The Phantom of the Opera
    A Chorus Line
    Next to Normal
    Rocky Horror
    West Side Story
    Great Comet
    Les Mis
    Catch Me If You Can
  9. In an ideal world, where will you be in 10 years?

    A drama teacher who wears a new outfit everyday
    An improv teacher
    Doing Shakespeare at the Public Theatre
    Dancing... or being a lawyer
    In a house full of smol doges
    Film acting
    Working on Broadway
    A musical theatre star
  10. If you were a Glee character who would you be?

    (based on your personality)

    (based on your personality)

    Mercedes Jones
    Blaine Anderson
    Rachel Berry
    Tina Cohen-Chang
    Brittany S Pierce
    Mr. Schuester
    Emma Pillsbury
    Quinn Fabray
    Kurt Hummel
    Santana Lopez
  11. What is your go-to outfit?

    An NYU t-shirt, denim vest and a baseball cap
    A solid colored shirt with socks that match
    A striped shirt, choker and converse
    A solid v neck, denim shorts and white converse
    A patterned, flowy skirt and sandals
    A long sleeved shirt and jeans
    All black
    A cute, flowery dress
    A cute mom outfit
    Anything I put on makes me look adorable
  12. The big wind blows for anyone who...

    loves theatre of cruelty
    is adorable
    has long, luscious hair
    always wears a hat
    talks fast
    has a diet only consisting of chick fil a
    is the oldest of their classmates
    can play piano
    sees a new Broadway show every week
    likes to bake
  13. You are loved for...

    your cuteness
    your hugs
    your coolness
    your confidence
    your thoughtfulness
    your shady comments
    your knowledge of musical theatre
    your sense of humor
    your passion
    your sweetness

Which Educational Theatre First-Year Are You?

You got: Timmy DeFoor

A small town boy trying to make it in the big city, you're a sass master and always ready with a salty comeback. You have a keen ability to make friends, and your socks ALWAYS match your shirt. You're doing great, sweetie.

Timmy DeFoor
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You got: Keith Morris

First of all, you're cooked. Whenever you open your mouth, you sound like the most intellectual, poetic genius to have ever lived. You give the best hugs, and are just an all around sweetheart. *dabs*

Keith Morris
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You got: Megan Conway

You're a makeup guru who never fails to look runway ready, even if you're just going to your 9 am class. Always the life of the party, you're an improv master and you aren't afraid to say what's on your mind. Even though you've been on time for every class since the first day, you still get made fun of for being late during welcome week.

Megan Conway
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You got: Maya Lopez

You're a doge-obsessed ten-year-old at heart, even though you're a year older than all the other first years. You take diligent notes in class, even when you probably don't need to. You're a great friend and you always make sure that everyone is included. You love Sara Wu so much it hurts. woof woof.

Maya Lopez
Maya's Art Studio
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You got: Emily Solomon

You like to stay busy, always singing your heart out in musicals. You're super enthusiastic and friendly, and are ready to strike up a conversation with anybody. Everyone's always jealous of your special ability to score cheap tickets to Broadway shows every week. HOW DO YOU DO IT????

Emily Solomon
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You got: Margarita Herrera

You always look trendy and a little edgy, since you can pull off any outfit. You're always calm and ready with something nice to say. Plus, your hair is really freaking cool. Everybody really misses your creative spunk in Theatre as Art Form.

Margarita Herrera
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You got: Kaylee DeFreitas

You are ridiculously talented in all ways, especially when working on Shakespeare. You can often be found playing piano and (gorgeously) singing during class breaks. However, you are not to be messed with during competitive theatre games, because you will physically push people out of the way (though she be but little, she is fierce!!!).

Kaylee DeFreitas
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You got: Vanya Pestana

As the Ed Theatre class of '21's resident badass, you always look instagram worthy. You're a little mysterious, but also super sweet with a heart of gold. You never know where your classes are, but you still make it on time to bless everyone with your Peruvian fabulousness. You're just really cool.

Vanya Pestana
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You got: Sara Wu

CONGRATULATIONS. You are THE QUEEN Sara Wu! Rarely seen without a smile on your face, you make everyone laugh and are generally adorable in everything you do. You're also a lowkey movie star. You're perfect and the rest of the major is your literal fan club. Keep on shining!

Sara Wu
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You got: Sarah Simon

You're super outgoing and love to make new friends. Your fast talking is really fun to listen to and your giggles are contagious. You're always busy at rehearsal or getting some much needed sleep. As the mom of the group, you love to take care of everyone. You always seem very put together, even though you can never commit to only one Netflix show at a time.

Sarah Simon
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