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The Texas Lottery Is Up To $1.5 Billion And People Are Going Crazy Over It

Be right back, buying 100 Powerball tickets.

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The Texas Lottery Is Up To An Estimated $1.5 Billion Jackpot

If there are no winners for tonight’s $1.5 BILLION #Powerball jackpot, the jackpot for Saturday will be $2 BILLION!

That's a lot of dough.

So Much Dough That It Doesn't Even Fit On A Billboard

What a wonderful problem to have! Jackpot billboards only go to 999 million! #Texas #Powerball #TexasLottery

What a wonderful problem to have, indeed!

And That's Got A Lot of People Going Crazy Buying Tickets

4 pm-5 pm today: #Texas had $6,053,596 in #Powerball sales; a rate of $100,893 PER MINUTE & $1,682 PER SECOND! A new record! #TexasLottery

Breaking records, y'all.

Which Means A Lot Of Questions About How It Even Works

Q: How do I win #Powerball? A: There are 9 ways to win. This chart will help. #TexasLottery

Simple math.

Even Though No One Has Hit The Jackpot, A Few Lucky People Have Won Millions

DYK: There are 9 ways to win #Powerball. The Jan. 9 drawing created 28 new millionaires; 3 in #Texas! #TexasLottery

And you don't even have to be in Texas to reap that Texas gold!

It's Even Started It's Own Hashtag

Twitter / Via


Celebrities Are Even Getting Involved

$800 million Powerball drawing tonight! The winner can come to the dark alley behind the Ed Sullivan Theater to claim their prize. #LSSC

#powerball time to play 😃 win some loose some #Texas

I guess I didn't win the #Powerball 😭

Which Is Giving Us Golden Comments Like This

Yammy Sosa @callhergold / Via Twitter: @callhergold

And Also Highlighting Those Of Us Who Suck At Math

It's more like $4.33...but decimals are so confusing, right?
Livesosa / Via Facebook: Livesosa

It's more like $4.33...but decimals are so confusing, right?

Either Way, It's Helping The Country!

Texas Lottery's executive director explains why the record #Powerball jackpot is a 'win-win' for the entire country:

We like "win-win" odds.

Or Maybe It's All Just A Scam...

How the Powerball could be a scam

We've gotta believe in something, right?

But At Least People Are Thinking Of Amazing Things To Do With Their Winnings...

#IfIWonPowerball I would pay off my student loans, and with the remaining $7 I would treat myself to 3 doritos locos tacos and a baja blast.

Via Twitter: @SavannahSP

#IfIWonPowerball I would get guacamole, every time. Take that chipotle.

#IfIWonPowerball I'd buy all the crocs in the world. Then burn them.

#IfIWonPowerball I would finally have enough money to buy popcorn at the movies

#IfIWonPowerball I'd happily pay @NASA the $1.5 Billion to deport @realDonaldTrump to the moon.

#IfIWonPowerball I would hire private investigators to find Frank Ocean's album

#IfIWonPowerball I'd buy Adele a new phone. @jimmyfallon

#IfIWonPowerball I would buy 5 seconds of summer and ship them to another planet

#IfIWonPowerball I'd have Morgan Freeman narrate my daily activities...."Holly is tweeting. She thinks she's funny. She's not".

#IfIWonPowerball I still want my $10 that you owe me.

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